NOOK eReader Promotion: “Back To School” Freebies

Since the tail end of last year devices such as smartphones, tablets and the introduction of eReaders have all been prominent on retailer shelves. Although not emphasized quite as much as the first 2 devices, eReaders since the arrival of the Amazon Kindle have been gaining much interest.

Main competition to Amazon’s offering is that of Barnes & Noble’s NOOK. With 3 editions to choose from with the 1st edition NOOK, the NOOK Color and the newest 2011 model, B&N are now offering a new “Back to School” promotion.

We just a few more weeks left until the holidays finish and students start a new term at school, the promotion allows you to purchase one of the 3 versions above, with the added benefit of receiving $100 of free books as well as study guides.

What does this include we hear you asking? First up in order to get the offer of which you have to register before October 31st, you have to buy one of the devices ending September 12th, $100 of free books includes up to 12 titles which as Slashgear stated, includes names such as Beowulf and Crime and Punishment.

Secondly another freebie to the promotion is that of free study guides, in fact these incorporate Spark Notes and additional guides which give pointers and tips for students to get through their education. For the NOOK Color as Rue Liu stated, there are apps to choose from which are primarily aimed at students, for example these include Fliq Tasks, Nook Word of the Day and Pulse News.

To give you some indication of what the new NOOK edition includes, we can tell you that it will give crisp clean images, as if reading from a paper-book with the benefit of reading it in any light conditions. As well as this, the device allows over 2,000 titles of content to be stored with the option of expanding the storage, WiFi, battery life in the device for up to 2 months with the WiFi off, supported file types and so on.

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Tell us if you have a NOOK presently and how you’re finding it? Any issues with it or plain sailing? Are you tempted to buy one of these for your son or daughter with the attached promotion?