iPhone 5 Pics & Specs Surface On German Apple Site: Fake Or Leak?

By now we expect many of you are praying for August to end so we can skip to September and see the Apple’s coveted iPhone 5 launched. Endless rumors and gossip have been thrown all over the internet in the run up to the smartphone’s real launch, now some more dubious information has surfaced. The iPhone 5 may have been outed, but in all honesty we are not convinced, however we will let you make your minds up.

Video footage of a user browsing the German version of Apple’s website has been uploaded to YouTube, with him appearing to stumble upon leaked pages revealing all on the iPhone 5. We have embedded said video for you below courtesy of Cnet, so check it out and be the judge along with the other 95k people that have seen it since Monday. The first thing that arouses suspicion is the invisible link at the bottom of the screen that our uploader clicks to access the initial page.

As you will see the pages in the video are full of images and the smartphones specs, such as a 4.2 inch multi touch display, 8 megapixel camera and 64GB flash drive. There are several flaws in the video, however it is rather convincing and would easily fool the inexperienced viewer. The YouTube community has dissected the video and highlighted what they believe indicates the video is fake. Click here to check out all of the comments left on the video.

If by some miracle this video is genuine and a notorious cock up by Apple, then you have to admit the iPhone 5 does look very beautiful. If the design provided is anything to go by then I would be very pleased with what I have just seen. The concept we have seen below has been apparently created via leaked case designs, as reported by Wired. The curved slim iPhone would have a larger screen than the iPhone 4, again if the suspicious images and info are to be taken seriously.

Although this whole video looks to be an elaborate phoney, what you see may not be so far off what the real thing will look like. The iPhone 5 is indeed expected to have a curved back, larger screen and broader home button to support swiping features. Yes this video and images will anger many iPhone fans desperately waiting for the real thing, but it at least gives fresher ideas on what we can expect. We know that Apple’s 5th gen smartphone is in the testing stage so it is just a waiting game now my friends.

What people loved about the iPhone 4 was its thin, slick and rounded design, would you like to see Apple revert back to the curved design? On a final note it must be said that the person behind this video has put tremendous detail into it. It will not fool everyone but creating a whole fake websites and all of those designs must deserve some sort of recognition, if it does turn out to be completely bogus that is. Let us know your thoughts on everything you have seen, is the video definitely a fake? Also would you be happy with the real iPhone 5 adopting the design of the ones we have seen in the images above?