iPad 3 News and Rumor Roundup: Cutting Through the Noise

We know that many of our readers are always interested in news about new and upcoming Apple products and the much-rumored iPad 3 is no exception. Over the last few months we’ve brought you many articles with news and also speculation about this tablet device, which as usual Apple is managing to keep close to its chest. Sometimes it can be difficult to cut through all the noise about the iPad 3 and find out which are the most relevant and important rumors so to that end we thought we’d give you a news and rumor roundup.

Just in the last few weeks we’ve told how purported new components have led some to believe there may even be a dual-release with the iPhone 5, talked of a new interior design and also of other possible titles such as the iPad HD being bandied about. Now though for those who’d really like to get down to the nitty-gritty an interesting article over on Cnet UK by Andrew Hoyle, helps out by gathering together some of the more believable rumors. We’ll take a look at some of them and sometimes link to our articles about the same so that if there’s one aspect in particular that interests you, you can find out more.

First off there’s the release date that everybody’s wondering about. Launch times so far have been put at between fall this year and also into 2012 but Cnet notes as in our article linked to above, that the latest rumors point to an earlier release than originally expected as components were unlikely to be on sale if the release is still too far away. Cnet also mentions the possibility of a launch at the same time as the iPhone 5 which if it happened would certainly produce lines like never seen before.

The likelihood of a Retina Display also seems more likely than before and Cnet notes many rumors which suggest this while we also recently reported that Daring Fireball’s John Gruber recently dropped the term “Retina Display” when talking of the iPad 3, as though it were a given. The idea of a 3D display has also cropped up but this isn’t given much credibility and seems one of the least likely bits of speculation right now. As far as design goes it’s felt that outwardly it will be little changed though a carbon fiber body has been spoken of, however it does seem likely that the internals will see a redesign as we mentioned in our article linked to above.

Another rumor that Cnet goes into include the possibility of an A6 chip rather than the A5 of the iPad 2, which could be a quad-core. Other aspects looked at are the chances of two iPads in September, a 6-inch iPad 3 and also an iPad Pro. In conclusion Cnet wraps up by giving its own feelings about what’s most likely and to be frank it’s hard to disagree. The site expects a fall release for the next iPad but that it’s likely to be minor upgrade that complements the existing iPad 2, rather than a major new product. Improved front and rear cameras and that much-mentioned improved resolution display do seem likely but it’s suspected that the really good stuff won’t appear until a fuller revamp in 2012.

One thing that seems certain is that rumors and speculation will continue to abound until the next iPad eventually launches and we shall of course endeavor to keep readers informed with all the latest developments. What are your predictions for Apple’s plans for the next iPad? Let us know by sending us your comments.