Facebook Shut Down: Hackers “Anonymous” Bonfire Night

Online social networking site Facebook since its initial launch in 2004, is now seeing over 750 million users take to its pages. Set up by co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the site allows its followers to find and add friends to a list, share and tag photos, play games and so on. But rumored news has come through today, that will affect everyone towards the end of the year.

If reports end up having any truth to them, then the popular site will be hacked on November 5th, coincidentally Bonfire Night for those good with historical dates. Those responsible are rumored to be members of the “Anonymous” group under the AntiSec movement and in the past have carried out internet hacking attacks, managing to find security flaws throughout different websites.

As well as AntiSec or the Anti-Security movement, another that of LulzSec all form part of the same group, in past months the topic of hacking has been highlighted with Sony’s crashing PSN outage which compromised users’ personal details, Nintendo, the US Senate, Microsoft and so on. After this, many quite rightly questioned why enough hadn’t been done to protect us the users.

Whether the attacks on Facebook will go ahead are still unknown, as Chris Burns at Slashgear stated, Anonymous messages sometimes have no substance to them, it could be a fake or the real deal. So why attack Facebook now some of you may be wondering?

Two reasons have sprung to light, the first is that Facebook have been helping themselves to numbers and personal data from your iPhone handset, the second is that ACLU objects have been acquired through Facebook’s Privacy Settings feature.

Interestingly is the date of November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day, the political activist who in 1605 wanted to blow up the House of Lords in London but failed. He was later sent to his death. Similar traits to this and the Anonymous group have been recognised, with one particular feature that of the mask that is used by the group and coincidentally by those that appeared in the film Vendetta, which portrayed the Guy Fawkes story.

Check out the message sent by the supposed Anonymous group and let us know what you think? Or even take a look at the embedded video below titled Operation Facebook.