Facebook Messenger: Speedy IM App Tops iPhone Free Chart

Yesterday we saw the launch of Facebook’s instant messaging app that is aimed at rivaling BlackBerry’s BBM service and also Apple’s upcoming iMessages feature. The downloading of the app has been rapid and as a result it has topped the chart of free iPhone apps in the App Store. The app has so far has had mixed reviews but it looks like a fabulous addition for the avid social networker.

Facebook Messenger is controversially a separate app from the official one we all use and love. Some people are questioning why Facebook would want to have 2 apps out on the market, stating they should have just integrated Facebook Messenger into their original app. Tech Radar reports that the new service will enable users to get in touch with Facebook friends and phone contacts. The person you send the chat messages to will get notifications and texts to inform them of your contact.

The whole concept behind this app is to allow you to message your friends more quickly, something Facebook believe is important. The launch is quite ironic as it comes at a time when instant messaging has been demonized by the rioting and chaos all over England. The crowds of thugs over the country have been using IM services like BBM to organize attacks, with calls of these services to be suspended. We spoke earlier about how jailed criminals in California would have their Facebook accounts terminated to prevent threats and communication for organized crime.

Facebook Messenger also brings group chat which allows you to contact multiple friends all at the same time. This has been included for various reasons, like to help people trying to organize an event at short notice. Facebook engineer Lucy Zhang writes that when you don’t know the best way to contact your friends, Facebook Messenger should make it easier with the knowledge that your friends will get the message right away.

It seems that many people like the idea of this kind of app and have wasted no time in downloading it. According to Mashable the app has so far received a 3.5/5 rating based on 600 user reviews for iOS. We do not know exactly how many downloads the app has had on both platforms but we expect to get some form of announcement when a landmark is hit. Reviewers are liking the idea of FMB replacing their text messaging service as it seems quicker than sending a conventional SMS.

The main negatives that people are stating is the fact that Facebook are operating 2 separate apps, obviously memory constraints on smartphones can be an issue. Facebook has however said they do not plan to integrate them and will keep them separate. What are your thoughts on this decision? Leave us a comment if you have downloaded Facebook Messenger and tell us what you think of it.

  • http://www.flavors.me/warmth Daniel @warmth Delgado

    Great app but very slow, but what I see as a big problem is getting duplicated notifications of chats in both apps on Android.