Twitter Update Allows Photo Sharing: Say Cheese Rioters!

As social media becomes ever more popular we are seeing an increase in different types of functionality on each of them. Now we have just found from logging into Twitter and hitting the HOME tab that there’s a new Twitter update that allows for photo sharing, say cheese rioters, this is just in time to aid police with the current turmoil in the UK.

This is going to be welcomed by many people as Twitter growing so quickly. One of the catalysts behind the growth is the fact that so many different celebrities, sportsmen and women as well as people of high status in governments such as President Barack Obama are on there. Already you can share images via different platforms or by adding links for people to click on.

Sometimes different updates to social networks are frowned upon and of course some of them rightly so. Think about what has happened on Facebook and the problems they are now having with the chat functionality, unlike Facebook, it would seem Twitter has tried and tested their update prior to rolling it out (maybe Facebook could learn something). You can see the update as it greets you in the screenshot below.

The update is almost explained but not quite with the screenshot they have provided. What you will need to do for the functionality to work for you is navigate to the HOME tab and then click in the box that says “What’s happening?” Beneath the box once you have clicked on it there’s a small camera icon which you need to click on and then locate the image you wish to upload. Once you have found the picture you want, highlight it by left clicking and then click on open. When you have finished that process you will see a thumbnail sized image within the tweet box with a short message next to it saying “Image will appear as a link.”

Once you have posted it you will see your new tweet with a link and if you click on the link you will be taken to another view where you can see the actual image. With all the trouble occurring around England in different cities, this could be a useful source of information for helping to catch looters, especially as the Met Police are already using Flickr.

What do you think of the latest Twitter update? Do you think you will start to use it? Let us know in the comments section below.