iPad & iPod Touch Get The Google+ App Treatment

As the Google+ bandwagon rolls on and on, it now brings an update to be accessible on more of your devices. The iPad and iPod touch are the latest gadgets to get Google’s social circle treatment, adding to the iPhone and Android apps. Google’s social network is still in the beta stage and now has over 25 million users.

Google made an odd decision not making their app universal to all iOS devices, they instead opted for a dedicated app for each one. Reports from Electric Pig tell us that there is no dramatic difference between the Google+ iPad app and that of the iPhone. Both apps have a fairly similar user interface and features, however the iPad’s is larger due to the nature of its screen resolution. There are small changes but it is by no means an overhaul.

Google launched the updated iOS app yesterday, with their mobile product manager Punit Soni making the announcement. “Happy Monday! To help fight off any start-of-the-work-week blues, a new version of our Google+ iPhone app (v will be rolling out in the Appstore over the next few hours”. Google launched the original and official iPhone app a few weeks back, updating their Android one in the process.

Changes that this updated app will bring, includes aggregated notifications and huddle settings. These improvements should make for an easier and more enjoyable experience. The app also brings stronger performance and stability, a feat you would expect from an app that is still in the testing stages. With the amazing success Google has had with their Facebook rival thus far, it is fun to imagine how powerful they can be when they perfect and launch the finished article.

Google has made a smart move by distributing their dedicated apps quickly. It took Facebook a long time to launch their official app for the iPad which angered many users, it has been released now but was a long time coming. We spoke recently about the impact that Google+ has had on Facebook and the general feeling was that the strong competition would benefit both services. So far 750 million users plays about 26 million, although time must be taken into consideration.

The app launches with a YouTube video which explains some of the additional features that the app brings, it has been embedded for you below courtesy of The Inquirer. On a final note it has been revealed that there is “a secret way to bring up a stream selection icon”, which has been added as a fun little feature to find when playing with the app. Leave us all of your thoughts on Google+ and the apps they have so far launched.