Apple Providing School Friendly iMac: Selling For $999

Apple’s array of amazing products are not only being snapped up by consumers and businesses, schools are also deciding to invest in them. The tech titan has just released a special version of its iMac computer, being specifically designed for educational purposes. The pricing structure is also suited for schools and learning institutes as this version is less pricey, meaning they can be bought in bulk.

The 21.5 inch school aimed iMac costs $999, $200 cheaper than the normal version according to Mashable. The educational iMac is stripped down from the regular version, being minus a Thunderbolt Port for example. I don’t expect that some of these missing features will be too much of a problem, as they are being used in an environment where advanced features may not be required.

If however an advanced educational institution is looking to get a large order of iMacs with the full works then they can get them for a extra $150, still a tidy saving of $50 per unit. In 2009 Apple offered another version of their iMac, however it was completely overhauled to be for educational purposes only. It is still currently available for $899, sporting a 20 inch screen. There is a large and increasing demand for technology in schools as the age of pen and paper weakens.

The Tech Herald has informed us of some of the other specifications included on the $999 iMacs, those being: a 250GB hard drive, a dual-core 3.1 GHz Intel Core i3 processor, 2GBs of RAM, FaceTime HD, optional expansion up to 8GBs, AMD Radeon HD graphics (6750M) and support for Mini DisplayPort. These are still an impressive selection features which any person looking to learn will benefit from.

Apple has made a smart move aiming their services at the rapidly developing education sector. Increasing sales of the iMac have actually be linked to an increase in purchases from schools, colleges and universities. Technology has come such as long way in the last 10 years, previously computers in schools would be a rarity and treat. Now they are mandatory in all educational environments and play a bigger part in learning than blackboards. Apple know this and have capitalized on it.

I would not be surprised to see schools go full circle and also start using Apple’s iCloud. All online material could be accessed from one place and it would be more secure than the network of a school or college. The beta version is now available and if Apple see the opportunity, I think they will offer educational institutes special deals on the cloud based storage service, what do you think? Let us know your thoughts on Apple’s educational mission by leaving a comment.