Twitter Top 10: August’s 1st Week Of Trends

Welcome to the chart where we give you a countdown of the week’s top 10 trending topics on Twitter. We bring you this feature weekly and monthly, rounding up the biggest points of discussion on everyone’s favorite microblogging site. The trends are compiled by Mashable’s Matt Silverman who we send our thanks to as usual. Are you ready? Okay lets go then…

Kicking things off at number 10 is SNSD, which is a Korean girl band. One of the band’s members, Tiffany Hwang celebrated her 23rd birthday on August 1st and as a result the bands fans made sure she trended. Next up at 9 is a chart regular, Justin Bieber trends almost every week and has one of the largest followings on the site. This week he has being tweeted about after giving his friend a haircut.

Popular MTV show Jersey Shore is the 8th hottest trend from last week, getting record viewings after the new season premiered. In at 7 is Ramadan which marks the ninth month on the Islamic calendar. Tweeters discussed the topic of fasting, where Muslims give to charity and do not eat or drink from between dawn and sunset.

The 6th hottest tweet of the week is one that we have been seeing a lot of recently. It is Disney’s Phineas & Ferb, with the Twitter community celebrating the launch of the new movie on August 5th. Another trend from last week’s chart has remained, the tragic Norway shootings and bombings. Tweeters paid their respects to victims by trending the hashtag, #AMomentOfSilence. We subsequently brought you the news that the Twitter account of the murderer involved in these attacks had been hacked by Anonymous.

Surprisingly our regular chart topper, Football/Soccer has only managed to make number 4 this week. The main talking points were the released Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton, Jurgen Klinsmann, Luanel Messi and the end of the Copa America. Football did however come out on top of the monthly trends chart for July, we expect it to chart higher next week after plenty of discussion about yesterday’s Community Shield between Man United and Man City. United won 3-2 dramatically in the final minute with Nani Sparing the blushes of new boy David De Gea.

Surprisingly Christmas has trended early this year, tweeters decided to write up their wish lists in August. The runner up for this week is another entry from last week, blockbuster Sci-Fi movie Cowboys & Aliens. Social media has played a large part in the promotion of the film which stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Tweeters spoke in anticipation about the movies release and others who have already seen it gave their thoughts.

So its time to unmask the hottest topic of the week and surprisingly, its Nissan!? The car manufacturer had a Brazilian TV commercial of for the Nissan Frontier Xe 4×2 which made its way on to YouTube. Once that happens things get viral and next thing you know you have a huge hit on your hands. Tweeters took the time to give the ad some attention, causing it to trend so high. Well folks that’s all for another week, be sure to check in again next week and catch up on the previous charts if you missed out. Leave us any thoughts or comments you have below.