Soldiers Do Glee in Afghanistan: YouTube Video Hit

Here at OSM we love to bring you all the latest most popular videos from YouTube and just a few of our most recent examples include the latest Epic Meal Time, a footballing takedown by Cristiano Ronaldo and the latest Rebecca Black viral video. Today we have news of an entertaining and also heartwarming video, featuring soldiers in Afghanistan ‘doing’ Glee and as you might expect it has become a YouTube video smash.

Members of 7 Commando battery, 29 Commando in Afghanistan decided to bring a little humor into their lives by filming themselves ‘singing’ along to the Glee hit, “Don’t Stop Believin” and the British troops involved certainly threw themselves into their latest mission with enthusiasm. With the stresses and strains of combat it’s good to see that these soldiers can still relax a little from time to time and the resulting video has certainly entertained us and we can imagine will have thrilled those who are friends and families of the troops involved.

The video, which you can see below this story, was brought to our attention by Sky News and begins with a great scene of the soldiers in the showers bobbing in time to the music and following that cuts to a scene of two servicemen, Gaz and Ab miming down the telephone. I have a feeling we should be grateful for the fact they are clearly miming but we’ll probably never know the truth, they may of course be fantastic singers!

We then see a fine air guitar performance by Taylor, followed by Gibbo, Regan and then Tommy and Co. swinging rather awkwardly followed by Spink and Murray singing between mouthfuls of their dinner. Many other troops also feature including Reny who sings along whilst sat on the toilet reading with only a magazine covering his vital bits and even manages to look not one jot embarrassed. A great finale includes all the soldiers flooding into a tent for a rousing chorus, some looking rather more rhythmically challenged than others.

It really is uplifting to see that even in times of great danger people can manage to carry on having fun, and even more entertaining that the soldiers performed to a Glee song, rather than something a little more macho. In fact they seemed to be enjoying it so much, who knows, they may even get a guest slot on the program itself. We’d like to pass on our thoughts and appreciation for those serving in Afghanistan and of course the soldiers involved in this video. At the time of writing the song has been viewed over 132,000 times and rising rapidly so take a look at the video below and tell us what you think by sending us your comments.

  • linda meadows

    lol brilliant …. god bless you all xxx