New BBC iPlayer Live For TV & PS3: Wants Xbox 360 Expansion

On demand catch up video service BBC iPlayer has undergone another overhaul and is now a much smarter version than the previous. The upgraded service will feature on Sony’s PS3 console as well as smart TVs and set top boxes. The BBC has however confirmed that they are interested in expanding their interactive service to Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

BBC iPlayer started out being web based then quickly became available for other devices, most notably Sony’s PlayStation 3. The freedom to watch your favorite BBC shows when you like is a very appealing feature and could even be a selling point over the Xbox 360. Naturally the BBC know that Microsoft’s gaming platform is a huge media hub which would benefit from such a service. The brand new HTML 5 iPlayer will debut first on the PS3.

We spoke yesterday about the possible features that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 will bring when they launch in the future. Is more on demand integration one you would like to see? Currently it is only Sony’s PS3 owners who enjoy the service, with all other games console rivals missing out. However if the BBC have their way then Xbox owners could soon be catching up on Top Gear and the Apprentice sooner than they think.

Tech Radar reports that the BBC’s general manager for programmes and on demand, Daniel Danker, has admitted they would still “love” to see iPlayer on the Xbox 360. He also said he would like to see it available to all and not just Xbox Live Gold members. The boss also said that the revamped iPlayer has been made with the larger TV screen in mind. The iPlayer is also available for tablets which adds to its convenience, although the iPlayer is best suited on a TV, the BBC states.

You can see the newest layout of the iPlayer above, it reminds me of the Cosmic Panda update on YouTube. You can see that everything is bigger and more spaced out so it is easier to find and sort the shows you want to watch. It also brings an upgraded search feature, with gives various categories such as “most popular, most featured and for you” etc. The new version is available for the PS3 and TV now, and will be rolled out to other devices soon.

As for eager Xbox users it seems that no deal has been struck yet with Microsoft, although it is something they clearly want to do. Is that a feature that you would like to see introduced to your other games consoles? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.