More iPad 3 Component Leaks: Possible Dual Release with iPhone 5?

We know that many of you are waiting for more details about the Apple iPad 3 (also sometimes referred to as the iPad HD or iPad Plus) and it seems that the release may be getting closer as more internal components have been revealed. There are even suggestions that the iPad 3 could be launched in a dual release with the iPhone 5, now that would see some long lines!

The iPhone 5 launch has been most recently put at sometime in September or October and release dates for the next iPad have variously been put at this fall or not until 2012. In the last few weeks we’ve heard that a high resolution Retina Display for the iPad 3 seems very likely and also gave you news of a leaked component said to be for the iPad 3 being revealed. Now though it seems that more iPad 3 parts have shown up at an online reseller, leading to speculation that a release may be nearing.

Over on Cnet, sourced from SW-Box and 9to5Mac, Andrew Hoyle tells more about the new components purported to be for the iPad 3. IFixYouri (iPad repair shop) has taken a look at these parts and described them as the external button control cabling system, which consists of the volume keys, power switch and silent/ringer switch. Although it cannot be confirmed yet that these are genuine iPad 3 components a note of authenticity is added from iFixYouri who say that the parts are made from the same materials as on the iPad 2 although the internal structure would be different.

The latest leaks certainly tell us that the iPad 3 is not perhaps as mythical as some may have thought and while these components may not tell us much on their own about the upcoming iPad, it does suggest that it could already be in production. Cnet goes as far as to suggest that the iPad 3 could arrive in September or October, which is of course when the iPhone 5 is expected.

When we told readers before about a leaked component (linked to above) we did say that it suggested a whole new design and also possibly a white version and that does fit with the internal redesign that the newest leaks also suggest. However we’d say the outward appearance of the next iPad is unlikely to change very much as the iPad 2 form has been so successful. What are your thoughts on these leaked components for the iPad 3? Does it suggest to you that the next iPad 3 release is drawing closer? Let us know with your comments.