Child ID App for Missing Children: FBI iPhone Help

Many of us connect all sorts of things with the FBI but I bet the term ‘iPhone app’ wouldn’t be the first thing that most of you thought of. However the FBI has now launched it’s first iPhone app and it’s a pretty important one as this app is aimed at helping to find missing children. This is a subject that many of us might not want to think about and a parent’s worst nightmare but the app is called Child ID and could be hugely important and is relevant to anybody with kids.

In an emergency the app works with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which you will be able to call direct from the app, along with 911, with one tap but it will also prove useful as a kind of digital passport for identifying your child. News of the app came to us from Michael Grothaus over on TUAW, sourced from the FBI, and at present the app is only available for iPhones although the FBI has plans to expand to other mobile platforms soon. FBI Child ID is free to download so really, for anyone with kids this has to be a no-brainer. If you wish to download Child ID then head to this iTunes link here.

The app enables the user to store key information about their child/children such as height, weight and also photos. If for example, your child goes missing while you’re out and about it would be extremely useful to have this vital information to hand to show to the relevant security officials or police officers. The same info can also be emailed to relevant authorities. There may be some of you who might be wary of giving too much personal detail to the FBI but the FBI itself asserts that details entered on your phone will not be stored anywhere but on your own device unless you choose to share it.

Other advantages of the app are tips on keeping your children safe and a rundown of exactly what moves you need to make in the first crucial hours if your child goes missing. You can update your stored information regularly and the FBI says that new features will also be coming to the app, including uploading other photos from your smartphone. The FBI is publicizing the app through the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), which it has worked with for some time in the National Child Identification Program, in a bid to get the app into as many hands as possible.

As a child goes missing in the USA every 40 seconds, many of whom never return home, this could be one of the most useful and vital apps ever. We hope those of you who download this app will never need to use it but for peace of mind this seems like a great idea from the FBI. Will you be downloading the FBI Child ID app? Let us know your thoughts on it by sending us your comments.