BREAKING: Lil Wayne Nearly Dies In FATAL Car Crash! – FB Scam

With much attention being directed towards the rise of Google+ we didn’t want to lose sight of something we often report on, the scams that hit the largest of the social networks Facebook. Recently there have been a few including a sick one about Lady GaGa being found dead in a hotel room. Now there’s another titled “BREAKING: Lil Wayne Nearly Dies in FATAL Car Crash!” – Indeed…it’s another scam, check it out below.

They are trying to catch you out by adding some text saying its reporting the news but of course it’s just an extra to try and lure you in. We have seen it carrying the message “Surveilance Camera’s Captured This Fatal Car Crash In Which 2 Young Money Rappers Died While Lil Wayne Was Severely Injured!” Clues to look for here are the BBC would never report something and add a capital at the beginning of each word and this would be all over the news sites, not just Facebook so a quick Google search would confirm your suspicions. If on the other hand you have clicked on the link you will have been greeted by the below screen.

It’s a pretty convincing looking page with BBC logos and what looks like an embedded video, but let’s face it; if it didn’t look like the real deal at first glance then you probably wouldn’t have clicked on it. are describing this as a click-jacking scam as clicking on the play button activates some underlying code on the webpage that jumps onto your Facebook account without any consent and posts the same scam on your wall with the appearance that you have “Liked” it. This is how these scams circulate as a friend is likely to click on it after you have liked it to see what the fuss is about. Clicking on the above image will throw up a survey for you to compete where the scammer is trying to obtain as many details about you as they possibly can whilst posting the link on your Facebook page.

You will need to get rid of this scam and to do that you need for firstly locate it on your Facebook wall. Once you have found it, click on the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the scam and then select “Report Post or Spam.” You can also follow our guide which will give you a step by step on how to check for any other hoax or unwanted liked pages on your Facebook profile.

Have you seen this scam circulating? Did you or any of your friends fall for it? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Aaron McMeo


  • Betsy Breeyear Finstad

    Saw it today on a friend’s wall. Posted this article myself lol hoping that will stop others from clicking on it.

    • Tim Ollason

      Thanks Betsy, we just really want to raise the awareness of these dirty scams to stop them spreading! Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing!


  • Chinedu Nnaji

     thank god because they said that best rapper on earth is dead while he is steal alive. lil wayne for real

  • Chinedu Nnaji

    lil wayne is not  dead but he had an accident he is out of hospital,your guyz should stop saying that he is dead

  • i love lil wayne

    he’s alive