BlackBerry Colt First QNX Smartphone: RIM Savior for 2012?

When the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet device running on the new QNX operating system was launched by RIM, many of us wondered how long it would be before we saw the first smartphones featuring QNX. It was no surprise therefore when RIM spoke of the QNX OS moving to smartphones and today we have news of the first smartphone that will run QNX, the BlackBerry Colt, to be released in 2012.

Research In Motion has been really suffering from the ever-advancing Android platform and of course Apple’s iOS iPhone although the secure features of BlackBerry smartphones means they still hold a certain amount of market share. The new BlackBerry 7 handsets due out, such as the BlackBerry Bold 9900 have impressed many but what most of us have truly been waiting for is the first QNX-based smartphones.

Today Jonathan S. Geller over on BGR gives news of the BlackBerry Colt as it’s currently dubbed, although of course by the time this first QNX phone hits the market it could have changed title. Whether QNX handsets will be enough to be the savior of RIM is anybody’s guess at the moment but one thing we do know is that RIM has to come up with something good to compete at the top level although Geller notes that RIM may have to accept some compromises to launch the Colt in the first quarter of 2012.

One of the things that RIM has been most proud of for example has been the impressive battery performance of its BlackBerry handsets. However this has meant that specs haven’t kept up with the latest Android offerings such as 1GHz or more processors and full color screens, which although impressive are also a drain on the battery life. According to Geller the first QNX phone, the Colt, is still likely to have a single-core processor, at a time when dual-core processors are becoming the norm and despite the fact that RIM has stated that dual-core processors will be coming to its QNX smartphones. It is possible though, that before release a dual-core processor may be added but current testing is apparently taking place using a single-core.

Other compromises may include a lack of native email on the BlackBerry Colt. Although RIM is said to be working on a QNX Enterprise Server for future BlackBerry’s it’s not thought that the first QNX smartphone will benefit. For more on RIM’s fortunes and the importance of the new BlackBerry 7 devices head to an article over on eWeek by Wayne Rash. It’s noted that RIM really need to start appealing more to consumers as well as enterprise and no doubt the company will be hoping that QNX smartphones are the way forward in this respect.

What are your thoughts on the first QNX smartphone, the BlackBerry Colt? Could a single-core processor handset really cut it, especially by 2012, and revive RIM’s smartphone market share? Let us know with your comments.

  • Paulpigeon

    Rim needs to bring the best prossessor..dual core and email and not lag behind everyone else. I have a torch (don’t like it) and will wait until the spring to see what they bring. If they are behind the othters I will switch to something else. Tired of playing catch-up