Samsung Galaxy S II: Apple Agitated For The First Time

When we cast our minds back to this time last year, its a job to remember what mobile phones were on their way to us, of course Apple’s iPhone 4 had just been released and news in the pipeline was that of the Samsung’s Galaxy S model. Two big handsets of 2010 and this year is looking no different.

Rumors for Apple’s new iPhone 5 handset due out in September have been rife for a number of months. As much as we’ve been keeping you up to date with the latest goings on in terms of possible specifications, price, release and so on, its a job to decipher what’s plausible and what’s ridiculous, we have to keep an open mind as to all news as let’s face it, Apple are very good in keeping things close to their chest. Samsung’s Galaxy S II model rumored to be running on Verizon first, has on the otherhand already released with the US getting a glimpse on it in the next week or so.

But as we’ve frequently asked our readers, has Apple done enough to secure their share of the phone market with such a big contender alongside them, i.e. the Galaxy S II? Until others such as the Motorola Droid Bionic and the Nexus 4G officially make their way to retailers, the Galaxy S II is Apple’s biggest worry. According to, this is the one and only phone up until now that Apple have feared.

We know from recent goings on and past articles that we’ve written about, that Samsung and Apple have been in a battle regarding patents, Apple claim that Samsung have been treading on their toes in terms of design and specs, this is something that Samsung strongly denies. So why should Steve Jobs and his global company worry?

First up the Galaxy S II with its 4.3-inch Super Amoled display offers a crisp and vibrant colored display, 1.2GHz dual-core Exynos processor which gives the handset that extremely fast performance, along with this, the Galaxy S II speed benchmark tests speak for themselves, as reported, the Sammie offering gives a score of 3,131 compared to say another fast smartphone the Motorola Atrix with a score of 2,710 points and over 2,000 points better than the original Galaxy S model.

Added to this, the Samsung wins in terms of lightness and slimness, runs on the latest Android Gingerbread OS, the company’s custom TouchWiz 4.0 skin, impressive 8 megapixel rear camera although Nokia’s N9 due out in September is rumored to be faster in image taking. Internal storage of 16GB is seen with the Galaxy S II which can be expanded with the aid of a microSD card along with a big 1650mAh battery.

We have to bear in mind though, that we still haven’t seen the iPhone 5 yet in the flesh, these are all features that Apple may have been working on in order to rival that of their counterparts.

Tell us what you think? Has Apple got anything to worry about or will they will able to hold their own when the next gen releases hopefully in September. Times are changing in the world of technology and for Apple to secure their place, they really need to bring something pretty speculator to the table as we know the iPhone 5 is wanted and needed by many of you.