New Contender Spotted In The Wild: Samsung Hercules

The world of smartphones is constantly topsy turvy with new ones showing up all the time. The amount of anticipation behind the Apple iPhone 5 is nothing short of amazing with the same feelings for the Samsung Galaxy S II hitting American soil. Now we have a new contender that has been spotted in the wild… The Samsung Hercules!

As things stand the device is yet to be officially announced and we actually know more about the mythical son of Zeus… Everything that has been said about this device is rumored so should all be taken with a pinch of salt. Engadget’s Brad Molen has added an article about it and says that in terms of design it looks like a mashup between the Infuse 4G, the Nexus S and the Galaxy S II.

Those are three fantastic devices and if this is in fact as Brad Molen thinks then we are certainly in for a little treat from Samsung! If the rumors are to believed then this bad boy will boast specifications such as a dual-core processor running at 1.2GHz per core, a massive 4.5-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display and 16GB of integrated storage. That’s more than enough for its cool 8 megapixel camera to store all the photographs and videos that you wish to take.

We are hoping that it will also be running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich or if the device is released before that OS is available then Android Gingerbread. A closer look at the image shows that there’s also a front facing camera which could be up to 2 megapixels for those self centered happy snappers who like to take photos of themselves or perhaps for video calling.

It looks like the network is suggested to be TELUS in Canada by author Ian Hardy over on because of the TELUS stock sticker on the device but that is far from verification. This device could be hitting all networks simultaneously worldwide as far as we know. The only people who know the roadmap for this device are those at Samsung and maybe Apple if this was a device Sammy was forced to show them in the courts.

Whatever happens the device looks pretty smart and if it is priced well, it could go ahead and make a small dent in the potential sales of the Apple iPhone 5 when it eventually graces us with its presence which is yet to be confirmed!

What do you guys think of the device? Would you like to pick this guy up when it is released? Let us know in the comments section below.