Could Google+ Surpass Both Twitter & LinkedIn Within A Year?

As we all know social networking and social media have both become two of the biggest things on the Internet, Facebook boasts the most users with well over 500 million, Twitter has a large chunk too with more than 200 million and now we have Google+. With that being the case, we were wondering of Google+ can surpass Twitter and LinkedIn within a year?

The roadmap looks good to make that achievement with Google+ is already pretty popular as within two weeks of its closed beta it has more than 10 million members, then 20 million. Since then we have seen an article by OSM’s Matt Tran saying that the new site has managed to go past the 25 million marker, which is an astonishing achievement given that currently only people over 18 are involved and it’s invitation only!

Over at Mashable, their author Todd Wasserman has added an article talking about the stats from the U.S. He tells us that Google+ has signed up 13% of the U.S. adults so far and that it could rise to 22% in a year passing LinkedIn and Twitter in the process. This would make it the second most popular social network behind only Facebook which of course will be keeping a close eye on proceedings.

Further stats from a report based on Bloomberg and YouGov polls say that of the 1,003 adults that entered casted votes, 71% of them use Facebook which could drop to 69% within a year. Of the people that are on both Google+ and Facebook, an amazing 30% of them have said that they plan to cut their time on Facebook. On the other hand there’s a stat that says 31% of Google+ users have either abandoned their account or are yet to post anything on there!

It’s also worth noting that both Twitter and LinkedIn are set to grow over the next year, Twitter will add almost 3% which will mean they have around 20% of the population on their books and LinkedIn will gain 2% to hit 20%. The one thing I would personally like to add to all this though, is they all have their own uses which people will enjoy.

For instance, many people enjoy playing games whilst they chat away to their friends, which is why Facebook is so popular. Twitter on the other hand allows you to feel closer to celebrities and sports stars as sometimes they even retweet your tweets! LinkedIn on the other hand is something completely different, this is the network for professionals where you can link up and seek out further endeavors in terms of work.

Still, the stats are interesting don’t you think? Do you see Google+ surpassing Twitter and LinkedIn? What about Facebook, will Google+ ever catch them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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