Nokia N9 September 23 But No US? Beats Galaxy S II Camera

Towards the end of June, it was announced that Nokia would be bringing their latest mobile phone device to market, named the “N9.” Hoping to entice customers back to Nokia which up until now, have taken a back seat in relation to other big names such as Apple, Motorola, HTC and LG, the Nokia N9 will launch with the first “MeeGo” operating system as oppose to iOS or Android.

Before we refresh you on its specifications and leave you to make an informed decision, we wanted to let you know courtesy of Slashgear that phone carrier Orange, would in fact release the N9 in Switzerland before any other country on September 19th, with Nokia’s neighbouring country Sweden following closely behind with a date of September 23. This has been backed up by Nokia with an official countdown page which will give you the exact amount of days remaining.

After both these countries get to experience the Nokia N9 first-hand, the device will be making its way to other parts of Europe such as the UK, France and Germany, unfortunately as to concrete release dates and prices, this remains unclear. Interestingly as stated, the new Nokia offering may miss the States completely, with suggestion from the company that it will not make the MeeGo phone officially available.

Before we give you its specs, we wanted to refresh your memory with another device rumored to be in the pipeline for a November launch, that of the Sea Ray which may be seen beforehand in the flesh on or around August 17th.

Now those all important features of the N9. First up is that of a 3.9-inch curved Amoled display which is slightly smaller that many of the other handsets coming out, examples of these include Motorola’s Droid Bionic which is coming early part of September, Samsung Nexus 4G in November and of course the Galaxy S II which is available in many countries barr the US.

Whilst on the subject of the Galaxy S II, we can tell you that the N9 will include the same sized 8 megapixel rear camera, although it is said to be faster than that of the Samsung’s device. Back in June, we compared the two against each other with the Finnish Nokia stating that their camera would be the “faster image capturing phone” on today’s market. This comes from the Carl Zeiss wide-angle lens and two LED flash units, enabling the photo to be taken in just 2.6 seconds.

As well as this, the N9 will include a 1GHz single core TI OMAP processor, 1GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, NFC, WiFi, GPS and of course MeeGo OS. At the time of reporting, the N9 was rumored to release with a price tag of around £600 and we asked you, our readers whether you would be prepared to pay such an amount?

Give us your thoughts on the new N9? Would you favor it over the Samsung Galaxy S II just because of its faster camera capability?

  • Prasenjit Bist

    not only camera but also a unique User experience why dont u highlight that man.
    a unique swipe UI that no one else offers unique a kind of revolution like apple did with iphone great UI. ppl may just watch the Nokia or you tube videos. Every one is praising it e.g PC Mag.

    The camera is not only fastest but miles ahead of samsung and droid as its not only 8MP but zeiss technology.

    Finally forget meego and maemo politics its Qt. and no matter whenever there will be a new meego or maemo Nokia or community or 3rd party Qt app or even symbian Qt app it can be ported on ur phone.

    scratch resistant high class industrial design with gorilla glass and curved display that no one offers. All in all if the writer of this article wants to say galaxy S2 is better than N9 I wud be surprised and not mind calling him a biased idiot who needs medical help. After seeing n9 in flesh and blood there is no doubt Nokia N9 is the best and the greatest.