Unborn Child Added To Facebook’s Debatable “Expected” Option

Online social networking site Facebook attracting over 750 million people, can be used for uploading and sharing of photos, live streaming an event such as the UFC or in some cases music concerts, adding friends to an expanding list, updating your daily status to let those around you know exactly what you’re doing, paying tribute to a passing celebrity and so on.

In the last few days, we’ve brought you a combination of articles including, the networking site moving offices in the UK, a new rental programme for Jackass movies, ex-Beatle Pete Best being recognised with two streets being named after him and so on.

Today yet another added feature can be seen on the popular site, that of announcing your unborn child or children in some cases. According to Jennifer Van Grove at Mashable, the addition enables you to share the good news with your nearest and dearest, with the “family member status” option, added to which you can tell the world that you are expecting, as well as the name if you have one of the unborn child, due date and a scan photo if you so wish. In basic terms as Itproportal.com explained, if you head to the “Edit Profile” section, click onto “Friends and Family” then “Add another family member,” with finally clicking onto the “Select Relation” then “Expected Child.”

As Jennifer reported, the new feature could be seen Wednesday of last week and in a brief statement from a Facebook spokesperson they said, “We’re always testing new features, earlier this year, Facebook started providing the option to add an “Expected: Child” as a way for users to more accurately express their identity.”

Of course with the positives there will be negative comments to this addition. Some may feel that by adding their details, this could in some way have a negative effect on the pregnancy, others may not want to add a name particularly if its unique with the fear that it may be copied by another individual.

Others have hit out that a child has already lost its privacy before they have even come into the world, and another that parents will be constantly plagued with advertising and marketing products.

Tell us if this is something you will be updating? What are your thoughts on it, good, bad or just really don’t know?