Twitter iTunes Gift Cards Give Away: Twitter Scam

We often report on the scams that we find on the largest social network of them all Facebook such as the one titled “Fan dies after fall at Rangers game [Video].” The latest is to do with apparent free Twitter iTunes gift cards being given away and yep, it’s a Twitter scam!

We have already seen scams with similar intent appearing on Facebook and now they are hitting Twitter according to Graham Cluley of The author has added a screenshot of some of the iTunes Gift Card scams on Twitter that we have also included below. There are various messages being carried with the scam, with things like this it’s probably better to think if something is too good to be true then it probably isn’t.

A few examples of what the messages actually say will follow “I have got,get yrs free iTunes Gift Card giveaway today [LINK]”, “Find out how to get a iTunes Gift Card! [LINK]” and “awesome lol,today got iTunes Gift Card [LINK].” These are just a few of the different messages that are being used, check out this Twitter search and you will see some examples of the scammers messages but make sure you don’t click on them.

The author also tells us that generally the accounts that send these tweets out have been created for that sole purpose and that the accounts often feature a female profile picture. If you have been unfortunate enough to have clicked on one of the links then you will already know that you don’t get your card you were after, instead you are directed to a Russian dating site where men are trying to meet young Russian women.

In other words, if you have managed to get to the site then what the scammers have done is managed to put a tasty enough worm on the end of a hook and reeled you in. Let’s just recap, you clicked on a link thinking it was for a free iTunes Gift Card and ended up trying to sign up to a website to get a mail order Russian bride… If on the other hand you think your luck is in then we hate to burst your bubble but we wouldn’t advise clicking on anything from that website. They have deceived you in getting you to the site, what’s to stop them from trying to grab some of your personal details?

The next steps are simple; if you see any users reporting this sort of thing then you need to click on the little person with the drop down menu to the right of their profile picture, and then select “Report [NAME] for spam.” Twitter should get on it and then the account will be removed, unfortunately they can freely just go ahead and create another account and carry on the same thing, but this is something it seems will carry on unless Twitter comes up with some clever way of dealing with it.

Have you seen crook’s messages like this circulating on Twitter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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