RSPCA Raises Understanding Via 24-Hour Twitter Campaign

Since its initial launch in 2006, social networking site Twitter has attracted over 250 million people and the number is still growing. Its got a little way to go before it catches up with rival Facebook, but its still impressing the likes of you and me plus a list of celebrities. In the past we’ve brought you a number of articles which have included fitting tributes to those that are no longer with us, footballers having arguments with one another via the site, marketing campaigns and so on.

Today its the turn of animal charity the “RSPCA” and the work it does to ensure the safety and well-being of our animals. Founded way back in 1824, the charity in England and Wales promotes animal welfare and as wikipedia stated, is the oldest and largest of such a charity that is still functioning. As well as animals of any shape and size being rescued, bought to safety and in a large amount of cases treated, we cannot forget the people responsible for ensuring this happens, the RSPCA inspectors and so on.

Over a 24-hour period which has started today at 10 am, the charity has set up a Twitter marathon in which they will be constantly tweeting animal emergencies. According to, the site will be used in order to promote the tireless work that everybody concerned carries out, be it the inspectors of which is reported to be in the region of nearly 300, some 80 animal welfare officers and 52 animal collection officers.

To give support for the RSPCA, people can tweet throughout the 24-hour period using the title RSPCA Frontline, it can be for a number of reasons, to embrace the work that the charity does, to report something of which will be edited, with peace of mind that you will not be identified and so on.

Communications and Liaison Officer “Tony Woodley” for the RSPCA Inspectorate said, “It’s so important to let people know what we do and how hard our front-line officers work. I tweet several times on most days… but this will be the first time we’ve done something like this. Feedback on Twitter has been excellent and people are interested to know about the RSPCA’s front-line work. People are often shocked by the extent of the cruelty and neglect we deal with.”

Give your support today in fact every day for the work that the RSPCA do! Let us know if you will be heading on over to Twitter today, are you in fact an employee?