5 Of YouTube’s Best Viral Ads: New Old Spice Guy Included

YouTube is the place where viral videos are born, being passed around endlessly. Social media has caused far more viral videos to surface and we are now going to round up 5 in particular that done well last month. Naturally YouTube is all about the community and home made videos regularly attract attention and gain millions of hits. The best ones are normally music videos and movie trailers but we have decided to focus on advertisements this time around.

We have compiled the 5 videos from a selection courtesy of Mashable’s Todd Wasserman. The first ad we will feature is one that has loosely been used to promote the highly anticipated movie, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The video involves a group of West African soldiers taunting an ape by laughing and dancing around it, deciding to let it hold their loaded AK-47 as a joke. To their shock the ape is not as dumb as they think and begins to open fire, causing the soldiers to hilariously flee. The video has racked up over 11 million views in just under a month. You can see all featured videos embedded at the bottom of this post.

Next up is a T-Mobile event which saw the construction of a huge Angry Birds play set. Crowds of people in Barcelona were allowed have a go on Rovio’s popular game, much to their surprise huge versions of the birds exploded out of the carnival like float and shot over to topple over the pig protecting materials. This video attracted over 7 million viewings, being uploaded by the mobile network on June 8th.

The 3rd video which got a lot of attention is the X Factor wold premiere preview for the US. The ad has not been as successful as the others with a little under 1.6 million views but in general that is considered viral as it has been out a month and a week. The video features music mogul Simon Cowell being too nice to auctioneers, the video then reveals he has woken up from a horrible nightmare. Other judges include Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and L.A. Reid.

The next video we will now show you is “Crazy Marriage Proposal – Guy falls off building!!!”. If you have not seen it the clue is in the title, but as usual everything is not as it seems. This viral got the best part of 4.8 million hits and is just over a month old. We are not sure what this video is actually advertising but the guy is holding a bottle of Neuro water so anyone who wants the unconventional marriage proposal may want to start knocking the refreshing drink back.

Our final featured video is probably the one you have been waiting for, the Old Spice Guy! Naturally the original ad of Isaiah Mustafa and the world’s best body wash is still repeatedly viewed by millions but it is one of his new Old Spice commercials which has gone viral. The latest one sees him accepting the challenge of another guy called Fabio, the prize of ultimate masculinity being at stake. The video has over 1.2 million hits in just over a week. Which of these videos do you think is the best?