FOX NEWS VIDEO – ‘The Facebook Killer’ – FB Scam / Bogus Offer

At OSM we have reported on a number of different Facebook scams that we have come across, some of the popular ones that keep reappearing include one titled “This is what happened to his Ex Girlfriend” and of course the crooks are already all over the tragic passing of Amy Winehouse with various scams appearing. Now there’s a new FB scam / bogus offer titled “FOX NEWS VIDEO – ‘The Facebook Killer’.”

This scam comes in many different forms, the one shown above carries the message “07-29-2011 – News reports of a man they are calling the ‘Facebook Killer’ have gone rampant, he has claimed 9 lives in the United States so far that we know ..” They are trying to pose as news reporters and the image of it appears to have a play button on it but don’t be fooled. It’s also worth noting that the other view it comes with changes and localizes the scam, it looks at your location and posts that as the city headline. This is one of the cleverest scams we have seen circulating as the guys at Facecrooks mention; this will undoubtedly grab the attention of friends and unsuspecting users.

As usual this scam spreads and makes people click on it partly because once you have clicked on any of the above wall posts it automatically posts it on your wall appearing as if you have liked it. When you click on either of the two wall posts detailed above you will get to the point that the scammers have wanted you at from the very beginning, you can see it pictured below.

The author over at Facecrooks also mentions that we have seen bogus offers like this one before, you may recall the Southwest Airlines one that we reported on previously. They seem like they are legitimate but when you read the small print you will find that you have to complete several “Sponsor” offers which is described as a ridiculous hoop to jump through. By following through with the steps they want you to, you will be giving them the information that they want to keep on hassling you not only on Facebook but by phone and email too.

Of course if you have gone through with it already then you will want to know how to get rid of it, the first thing you need to do is locate the post on your Facebook wall. When you have found it, click on the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the post and then select “Report Post / Spam” from the drop down menu. You can also read our guide that has more tips on ensuring your Facebook safety and will eradicate any previous scams that you have been a part of.

Have you seen this going around? Let us know in the comments section below.