Twitter Top 10 Trends: Will Amy Winehouse Chart?

Its that time of the week again when we round up the week’s top 10 trends on Twitter. Over the past month it has been Football which has been dominating the top of the chart, but can this trend be repeated? Last week saw the tragic death of Amy Winehouse with Twitter really coming alive to mourn and tweet their condolences, can she chart this week? The top 10 trends for this week are kindly provided by Charlie White of Mashable.

We start as always at 10 with UK boy bad One Direction. The band were formed on ITV talent show, the X Factor, this week marking the 1st anniversary of their formation. Justin Bieber makes his way back in to the chart this week after fans from South American countries like Columbia and Mexico started a petition for him to tour in their countries. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 drops to 8 this week, with fans still celebrating the release of the last ever film and also discussing their favorite characters.

The NFL enters at number 7 this week as teams are preparing for the new season by trading, releasing and re-signing players. Phineas & Ferb stay in this week’s chart, moving up to 6. The old Disney cartoon is being discussed on the site because another movie version of it is coming out on August 5th. The show featured at number 10 in last week’s chart, which you can catch up on by following the link.

As we expected Amy Winehouse has entered the chart, placed at number 5. The singer was found dead in her flat last week at the age of 27, the cause of death is still unknown although the star repeatedly battled with an alcohol and drug addiction. Tweeters acknowledged that Amy was in the “27 Club” with other musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. Microsoft took advantage of her death by tweeting a promotion for her music, they issued an apology straight after because of a Twitter backlash.

Football/Soccer surprisingly is surprisingly not at the top of this week’s chart, having to make do with 4th spot. Tweeters chatted about pre-season matches being played around the world, with plenty of noise coming from Indonesia. The final of the 2011 Copa America was also staged last week with Uruguay winning convincingly over Paraguay 3-0. Twitter is the 3rd hottest trend on Twitter, as users of the site discussed problems they had been having as well as what they had learned from using the site.

The Norway Explosion/Shootings is this week’s runner up after the chaos and tragedy that took place is Oslo. Not only was there an explosion but also a mass shooting at a youth camp. Tweeters showed their support for the victims families, with a minute of silence also being held. The top trend of this week is Nickelodeon! The legendary kids channel aired a program which blocked together shows from the 90s, including Kenan & Kel, Drake & Josh and the Rugrats.

That’s all for this week, was the chart as you expected? It was nice to see that in a week of death and sadness, the Twitter community came together and made sure that the victims trended. Be sure to look out for our top Twitter trends chart next week, leave us any thoughts you have in the comments section.