Norway Shooter’s Twitter Hacked: Anonymous Strike Back

Hacking is an activity that is frowned upon by the masses, but in this next case I think it will be excused. The reason being that the victim has many victims of his own, the Twitter account of Anders Behring Breivik has been hacked, the man behind the recent Norway shootings. It seems that the globally famous hacktivist group, Anonymous are behind the attacks.

Anonymous have been involved in countless high profile hacks and have decided to support the victims of the Norway attacks by breaking into Breivik’s Twitter account. Although it seems like this will serve no purpose, Anonymous have claimed they want to make Anders become a joke so that people forget him. Mashable reports that Anonymous hacked into the account on Sunday morning, impersonating the killer.

The Anonymous branch based in Norway then revealed it was them behind the attacks, after making it look like Breivik was tweeting from prison. “This Twitter account has been seized by #NORIA. @AnonymousNorway.” Anonymous themselves stand up for the right to protest and regularly undertake acts of vengeance by carrying out hacks on various victims they believe deserve it. When they were accused of the PSN Outage and had 3 of their members in Spain arrested, they downed the website of the Spanish Police as revenge.

Anonymous maintain that they do not want people to brand Anders as an evil figure, they want him forgotten totally. One of their tweets read: “Labels like ‘monster’ or ‘maniac’ won’t do either”, media should call him pathetic; a nothing. #Forgethim.” The hackers announced that the account would then be shut down at 8PM Eastern time. Anonymous also planned a campaign against Breivik called “Operation UnManifest”, which involves seeking and rewriting his manifesto. The ultimate aim is to mock it so it also becomes a joke.

Breivik killed more than 90 people in an evil mass murder attack at a youth camp last month, taking the lives of many children. The deranged shooter is an extremist and carried out the unforgivable deed as an act of religious terrorism, also admitting he was involved in the bombing of a government building in Oslo which killed 8 people. The Norwegian made a Twitter account the day before he carried out the attacks, he also had a Facebook account which was subsequently deleted.

It appears that Breivik barely used the account with only one visible tweet, although previous posts may have been deleted. The last message that was on his account was a quote from philosopher named John Stuart Mill, which speaks about the power of belief. It claims that having a belief contains an equal force of 100,000 people who only have an interest. What are your thoughts on the way Anonymous have executed their revenge attack on the Norway shooter? Let us know if you think it will have any kind of significant impact by leaving a comment.