Foxconn Want More Robots To Make PS4 & iPad 3

The technology industry is amongst the largest on the planet and is one that provides millions of jobs around the world. The rise of machinery has obviously shaved job numbers down; however one of the largest manufacturers of parts in the world is looking to let robots do the work instead of humans. Foxconn is hoping that by 2014 they have over 1 million robots at work.

Foxconn are confirmed to be supplying Apple with the parts for their iPad 3, with the same case being with Sony and the PlayStation 4. The Taiwanese based firm already use 10,000 robots to create parts and products, however they are looking to increase this number to 300,000 by 2012, The International Business Times reports. Foxconn are looking to increase their artificial workforce to cut labor expenses.

Foxconn are notorious for treating employees badly, so much so that there have even been suicides. The company employ over 1 million staff across countries in Asia with 14 workers taking their own lives last year. So far in 2010 there have been 3 reported deaths of Foxconn employees, all deemed to be suicides. One of the more well known cases is when an employee in 2009 committed suicide after losing an iPhone 4 prototype left in his care.

Many complaints have been reported and Foxconn has been in trouble about the bad workplace situation a number of times. Although the company also have a reputation for paying low slave like wages, they still pay out huge amounts because of the sheer amount of people that work for them. They also have to pay out various other expenses as a result of complaints of mistreatment.

According to PC Mag, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou broke the news to employees at a “workers’ dance party” on Friday. The boss said that robots would be used to carry out tasks normally performed by humans, such as spraying, welding, and assembling. The addition of more machines will not come cheap but in the long run it should save Foxconn a fortune as it will increase efficiency as well as significantly lower costs in wages that would have been paid out.

So it looks like all of our future tech products could be made by the hands of machines. In 2012 we expect to see the iPad 3 and possibly the PS4 so those big gadgets could be created without the aid of a human. Do you think this will improve the quality of the products as it eliminates human error, or is it far more advantageous to have people make the products we use on a day to day basis? Let your thoughts be known in the comments.