UK White Galaxy S II: Official Verification 1st September

We know that there is a huge following for the new Samsung Galaxy S II and in order for the Korean company to achieve their target sales figure of 10 million for the year end, its paramount that as many countries are included in the equation, marketing campaigns are kept at the forefront of peoples’ minds and so on. Unfortunately the States are still waiting for its arrival but there is some good news although still rumor.

Verizon will possibly be bringing their Samsung addition named the Function out on August 12th with other carriers to follow and late yesterday, we gave you news that a sign-up page had gone live for the Galaxy S II allowing up-to-date information to be sent to you via your email address. What caught our eye yesterday is that a White version of the handset was seen at online UK retailer Clove with a release date of August 15th.

Updated news courtesy of Slashgear via has confirmed that the white Galaxy S II will be available on September 1st within the UK.

As well as this, those of you interested will be keen to learn that although Clove’s price was listed as £410 without the VAT, other carriers will be included each offering their own listed deals, so its worth shopping around when the time comes.

We are unsure whether the US will follow suit, let’s face it why wouldn’t it to bump up that all important sales figure, but as to when the white version will arrive is anybody’s guess! As pointed out today from, there is much speculation as to whether the Galaxy S II when launched next month will actually have support for 4G LTE. Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha has already stated that because their Droid Bionic will be arriving with the very feature and will be the first handset worldwide to do so, Samsung will hold off implementing it in August.

Its already been officially confirmed by Sanjay Jha that the Droid Bionic will not be arriving until early part of September, something of which we have spoken about this morning. As well as this being disappointing for some, there is also some good news of another 4G LTE smartphone coming before the end of the year, along with two tablets one of which will be similar to the Xoom and one a smaller size.

Let us know your thoughts on a White Galaxy S II model? Interested and if so will you be buying one? To be quite frank, it actually puts Apple to shame with their White iPhone 4 version taking so long to release, when Samsung have managed it within the space of a few months. Are you a Motorola fan and frustrated by the Bionic delay?