Study Shows IE Users Are Less Smart Than Other Web Browsers

We see many a study being carried out on companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google, normally to do with sales and revenue. A new surprising study has been conducted, this time linking the web browser you use to your intelligence. The results are in, and for all of you Internet Explorer users, we have some bad news. The numbers show that you guys on average have a lower IQ than compared to other web browser users.

The numbers are very interesting as it appears that users of Opera and Camino are the smartest web browsers. The more intelligent users scored IQ results of over 120, showing that the 2 browsers looks suited for the more advanced PC user. In the middle of this web browsing intelligence sandwich is Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Their users averaged scores of 110 which is of higher average. Apple’s Safari just topped the latter with an average score of 113. Users of IE have poor average IQ scores of around 80, putting them at the bottom of the pack.

The data has been compiled by Canadian company AptiQuant via Mashable. The study involved 101,326 people, with the volunteers having their IQ tested and browser preference noted, being placed in groups accordingly. After all, this study is just a comparable of 2 variables so do not get too upset and believe you are dumb just because you are an Internet explorer user. But if the figures have any truth behind them, it may be wise switching web browser.

Internet Explorer 6 has been singled out as the version responsible for making things bad for both Microsoft and their users. Things get even more fascinating as the intelligence levels of IE users back in 2006 are still higher than any of the versions presently. The latest version which is IE 9, only yields an IQ score of about 88, where the previous version, IE 8 has a score of roughly 92. Internet Explorer IQ scores back in 2006 were between 100 and 110 meaning users have lost intelligence as the software has progressed.

According to The Inquirer, Microsoft has even pleaded with its users to upgrade their browsers in an effort to make IE 6 totally extinct. Little did the tech giant know that the average IE 6 user has an intelligence level bordering on 80. This could be one of the reasons why the browser has not been upgraded at all. The results are showing that people on the lower side of the IQ scale have a tendency to resist the update of newer versions of the web browser.

Microsoft seems to have acknowledged that less intelligent people are the minority still using obsolete technology, whilst smarter people are upgrading and user newer fresher browsers. They have said that now a statistical pattern has been established, “better steps can be taken to eradicate this nuisance”(IE 6). What are your thoughts on this study and could it be deemed insulting? Let us know your thoughts and what web browser you use by leaving a comment.