iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S Suspected Images: Is It Really Here?

For the last few months, a continuous string of iPhone 5 rumors has been acknowledged across the internet. News has varied from its appearance, specs, price, carriers to of course its release date. From what was hoped to be a launch date back in June/July time has now changed to a September 5th release, well that’s in the US with the rest of us waiting another 4 weeks after that.

As with any new product, there is always going to be leaked information be it, internal spec listings, prices and images. The iPhone is no different and the internet has lit up today with pictures of what could be the iPhone 5 and a cheaper iPhone 4S alternative. If we cast our minds back to last year just before the iPhone 4 official launch, possible sightings of the handset had been seen including news that a man had accidentally left the device in a bar.

According to abc.news via Seth Weintraub at 9to5.com, the photos which you can see below, still have to be taken as possible prototypes. First up is that of the iPhone 5 which was supposedly seen from an unnamed source and reported straight back to 9to5.com, the person who is thought to be an Apple employee was seen using the device of which the photos were taken. It’s fair to say that a huge amount of speculation has come from this!

Weintraub was keen to say, “We aren’t certain if this is legitimate or not but it is too thin and flat to be an iPhone 3GS and too rounded to be an iPhone 4. The black back with Apple logo would seem to rule out an iPod touch. Our tipster is all but certain it was a new Apple product and the iPhone 5 would be the most likely scenario.”

In response to the latest rumors Apple stated that they do not reply to just pure rumor or speculation.

Next up is the image of a possible iPhone 4S courtesy of Vietnamese website Tinhte.vn, as we’ve reported in the past, this is hoped to be a cheaper alternative to the current iPhone 4 alongside the more expensive iPhone 5.

Over a fair period of time, its been difficult with rumors to decipher what constitutes a possibility and what’s just never going to make its way onto the new smartphone(s).

Let us know if you are waiting for the new iPhone 5? Can these sightings give us hope for an even earlier release?