US Samsung Galaxy S II: Live Sign-Up Page, Track Progress

Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphone is wowing a huge amount of followers at the present time and the latest sales figures show that over 5 million devices have been sold in just 85 days, not bad going when you compare it to its predecessor the Galaxy S, which took 125 days to meet the same figure. Sammy’s target by the end of 2011 is some 10 million sold units and we’ll not even in August yet.

Of course this will increase dramatically when the handset makes its debut in other countries including the US, currently it is available in 10 countries within Europe with others alongside such as Korea, Hong Kong and Australia. Samsung are hoping as Cnet stated, to have the Galaxy S II available in no less than 120 countries on some 140 carriers.

With just a few more days left until next month, rumors have been rife as to the Galaxy S II’s release stateside. Other countries have been devouring the Samsung handset but for whatever reason the US have been left waiting. Latest news is pointing to a release date on or around 12th August on carrier Verizon. As to the other carriers, we are yet to find out!

What caught our eye just a few hours ago is news of a sign-up page for the Galaxy S II that has now officially gone live. To enable you to get the latest information regarding the popular phone, as reported, you will have to head on over to the page here and leave your details including your email address.

Coincidentally the same procedure has just been offered to those waiting for the new Motorola Droid Bionic which is supposed to launch just before the Galaxy S II, yet again a monster of a phone. As the days drift into the next few weeks, we will be there updating you with all the latest information for both devices including official release date, carriers and of course the price.

You may be interested in some of our previous articles, particularly those within the last two days, in which we have told you about possible Qwerty keyboard and 3D additions rumored to be coming by the tail end of 2011. Also before we leave you, we wanted to let you know that a White Galaxy S II model has been announced as arriving in the UK August 15th at retailer Clove. Click here for more information.

Give us your thoughts on the Galaxy S II sign-up page, is it something you will be joining? Let us know what you think about a white, 3D or even qwerty keyboard version?