Galaxy S II In White: UK August 15th? Apple’s Downfall

As sales of the Samsung Galaxy S II top the scales in many countries, the US is still patiently awaiting its arrival, although we have to add for not much longer. Rumors have surfaced that it will make its presence known around August 12th, which may be slightly after Motorola’s Droid Bionic but before Apple’s new iPhone 5 launch.

Whilst America waits for an official release date, we have some good news for Galaxy S II buyers in the UK. For now its been brought to our attention that a UK retailer will be selling the Sammy handset in a white colour to sit alongside the bulk standard black.

Although the iPhone 4 with its white version was delayed for an extensive period of time, it still proved a hit when it finally released just a few months back, Apple fans despite frustration and disappointment were prepared to wait for its arrival, so we’ll hoping that the Galaxy S II will not get caught up in the same crossfire as this.

According to, the white Galaxy S II version will be available from August 15th with stating that it can be purchased from online retailer Clove. In terms of specs, nothing changes here and we’ll remind you of those in just one moment, differences are noted with the front plate and home button incorporating the white colour as well as the rest of the surrounding phone.

The white Galaxy S II with 16GB storage on board will retail for £492 with the VAT. Other specs of course include a 4.3-inch Super Amoled Plus display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8MP rear camera and front-facing for video chat amongst other features. It remains to be seen whether the white version will follow suit within the US once released but one thing’s for sure, it certainly puts Apple to shame when you think how long it took them to finalise the white iPhone 4 model.

We know how successful the standard black Galaxy S II model has become, so there’s no reason why the white cannot do any better. Samsung are definitely way above target in achieving their 10 million sales figure before the end of 2011, they are already half way there. News in the last week has also indicated that possible 3D and Qwerty keyboard versions will be available by the tail end of this year, so lots to look forward from Samsung.

What are your thoughts on a new white Samsung Galaxy S II? Interested. Have you just been out and purchased the black version, if so give us your thoughts on it, happy or disappointed? Can you see that a 3D or qwerty keyboard offering would be a success?