Addressing Sluggish Nintendo 3DS Sales, Simply Not Cutting It

For those of you who take an interest in the games console market you are probably already aware that the Nintendo 3DS simply isn’t cutting it. As things stand their sales have been slow and now they are finally addressing those sluggish Nintendo 3DS sales that are simply not cutting it.

There are many potential reasons as to why the device not selling as well as they had hoped; personally I think there are two reasons. The first reason is there really was a complete lack of games that it launched with, the best one was probably Street Fighter and then novelty of the 3D on that game wore off pretty rapidly. The second one is I really think people have got one eye on the PS Vita which will be priced competitively.

There are some pretty cool features on the 3DS such as the level of 3D that you can have showing on its screen, but when you turn it down, it’s basically the same device as its predecessors. Now, we understand the importance of a device standing out and being different but Nintendo should know that they shouldn’t have launched the console before they had added all the features to it.

The Nintendo 3DS when it was launched gave a real feeling that it was rushed out as it had many of its features missing such as the web browser and online store. There’s also talk of an update which will bring Netflix to the 3DS but we still don’t see it being saved. Of course there are still people out there who have gone out and bought the device and love it, but the facts don’t lie. The sales have been poor, they don’t have any of their blockbuster games on it (except for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) and because of that it’s failing.

Can you imagine the stampedes of people wanting to get a Nintendo 3DS if they launched it with all the features, a good choice of games such as a new Pokémon 3D, Mario Kart 3D or even a new Super Mario title. Instead all we hear about is titles being cancelled that were going to be launching on the device.

Perhaps the game developers are saving their time, efforts and cash for when the Sony PS Vita launches? Anyway in a bid to try and trigger the sales, Nintendo are introducing a price drop to the Nintendo 3DS. Over at the website, their author Tom Hoggins reports that the Nintendo 3DS will be dropping in price by around a third! He tells us that the UK pricing is already at £180 to try and stimulate the market but there are further cuts coming around the world. It looks like the US will be the cheapest place to get the console at £104 or $170, Japan will see the price reduced from 25,000 yen to 15,000 yen which is £118, Australia will see the price reduced from AU$350 to AU$250.

Not only that but there’s a great little addition of goodwill for the people that already have the 3DS which is called the “Ambassador Programme.” It’s basically freebees for the 3DS owners; you can have 10 Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games for free and 10 NES games. Possibly aimed at the retro gamers that maybe haven’t taken too much to the 3DS? You can read all about it over on the Nintendo website by using this link. A little gem that may help the Nintendo 3DS sales is also down in the video section so have a peek.

What do you think has contributed to the poor sales of the Nintendo 3DS? Are you happy with the console as it is? Let us know in the comments section below.