Twitter Hacked Accounts: Weight-Loss Spam Spreading

Social networking sites are increasing in popularity and have become part of our daily lives. At times reports have claimed that people cannot be without sites such as Facebook and Twitter and rely on them to stay in touch with their loved ones and groups of friends. Another to add to the mix is that of the new Google+ networking site which has already been seen as Facebook‘s arch enemy.

As well as positives to these sites allowing you to follow your favorite celebrity, joining an event or group of interest, adding to your increasing friends list, uploading and sharing photos, there are bad points, that of continuous scams and spams. Many of our readers’ will be aware that both and there are some good ones out there, are used to entice users into clicking onto a certain link which in turn could open you up to your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

Just recently there have been a spate of scams particularly on Facebook, scams such as dad dropping his daughter to catch a baseball, a video of Amy Winehouse getting high on drugs before her recent death, fan dying at a Rangers game after having a fall and so on. Today its the turn of rival site Twitter and a new spam that’s spreading. Out of the two its Facebook that seems to draw in the malicious scams but followers on Twitter may be aware of the most recent, that of a weight-loss message.

According to Mashable, its been reported that thousands of Twitter accounts may have been hacked leading to a message advertising a weight-loss product. For those who haven’t seen it yet it reads, “Get the beach body you’ve always wanted, now you can with this weight loss supplement” which if clicked onto, allows you to follow a link to a set-up website advertising a Acai Berry dietary supplement. That’s all it takes for your personal information to fall into the devious hands of a criminal.

Advice is that if a message should be flagged up on your account, then change your password straight away. Log onto Twitter, click onto Settings, in the top right hand corner within the drop down menu, click onto Connections or Applications and click Revoke Access.

Now that the summer weeks are here, of course we all want that perfect body, toned and golden for our holidays, so what better way to catch us out then offering a supplement that can do all the hard weight loss for us!

Let us know if you have come across this message or even something else that seems suspicious? What preventative measures do you take to safeguard yourself on the internet?