MacBook Pro Lineup Replacement In The Air

Laptops offer power and function with portable practicality, for those that work on the way to the office, or those that just cannot offer the space that a desktop needs, laptops are the answer. But where do you start if you are in the market for a portable PC device? If its performance and screen size that ticks your box then there is a multitude of manufacturers offering a machine to suit your needs.

But it may be that you require the most easily transportable device, and although tablets are able to give you access to a vast majority of areas that you may require, sometimes it really has to be a laptop or notebook. If this is the case then Apple have been able to furnish your desires for a while now with their MacBook Air range.

Labeled as the thinnest lightest notebooks that money can buy, the Cali company has only just been challenged for their top spot by the introduction of the Intel Ultrabooks which we previously reported on. Now while the Ultrabooks have yet to prove themselves in the market place, Apple have been preparing for their rivals by updating the current Air range.

Now according to Slash Gear, the Steve Jobs firm is rumored to be preparing new models of the notebook but in 15 and 17-inch formats, expanding from the 11 and 13-inch currently available. This would bridge the gap between the ultra thin MacBook Air and the larger MacBook Pro range, and give Apple users a slim design but with increased screen size.

MacRumours discovered that the company is in the final test stages for the new models although it is uncertain whether they will be labeled as MacBook Air or MacBook Pro’s. It is likely that the thin big screen range will copy the latest Air and drop the optical drives in favor of SSDs. This holds more water when you consider that Apple have just released their Mac mini without the optical drive.

As the MacBook Air prices drop to a more affordable $999, its certain that the notebook will become more mainstream rather than being posted as a high end product. It has also been said that with the ballooned display size the MacBook Pro will possibly be phased out and replaced by a thin design alternative. Launched dates are suspected to around the end of the year which will certainly combat Intel’s Ultrabook notebook invasion.

Whether the new models will be called Pro’s or Air’s is neither here nor there, but with increased screen options and still packing ultra-slim design, Apple will be able to offer something for everyone, providing that your pockets are deep enough. Tell us what you think of an expansion to the MacBook Air range?