YouTube Gobbles Up 22% Of Your Mobile Data Allowance

What do you do when your out on the go and have time to kill? Check your Facebook account, fiddle with a few apps, watch the odd YouTube video? This is what many of us do on our smartphones, and studies have shown that YouTube is amongst one of the largest pastimes which swallows up our data usage allowance.

Figures from Mashable have shown us that data usage on mobiles has increased by 77% this year with YouTube accounting for 22% of it. According to Reuters, video streaming has absolutely exploded, growing 93% this year and is the largest single application taking up bandwidth. YouTube has steadily increased more and more of their videos to a high definition quality of either 720p or full 1080p, and it seemingly tears through data allowance at ease.

Mobile bandwidth is broken down into 3 main categories. Video streaming uses the highest amount as we just mentioned with 39% being consumed, mainly via YouTube. File sharing and web browsing both use up an equal share of mobile bandwidth consumption with 29%. Voice-over-IP (VOIP) which is primarily used by Skype accounts for just 4%; however it is the fastest growing mobile activity with 101%.

The study conducted by Allot Communications, also covers App Store usage as the chart above shows. As always the battle between the Android Market and Apple’s App Store rages on. The report revealed that although Android Market app activity grew 196%, it was the App Store that was making all the big noises with 84% of overall app store download traffic. Android are in the process of overhauling the Android Market so it could have a big impact and shift the figures again.

As you would expect the use of social networking sites on mobiles are on the rise as always. The surprising statistic was that Twitter trumped Facebook in growth, but is that to be expected because the microblogging site is catching up on what Facebook has already done? Twitter grew by a very tasty 297%, where their big rival enjoyed growth of 166%. It is the founders of social networks who are becoming the biggest media personalities of today, as we saw when Mark Zuckerberg won the award.

As for YouTube, they seem an unstoppable force in the video streaming industry. They have accounted globally for 52% of all video streaming in the first half of 2011; consider rivals like Hulu, Netflix and all other services that offer and stream video. Imagine how powerful YouTube will be if they manage to acquire Hulu. Leave us your thoughts on these figures and tell us if you have found yourself streaming more video on your mobile devices.