Mozillla Want To Develop A Mobile OS: “Boot To Gecko”

Mozilla are looking to break free of their chains and enter into the mobile operating system market. The company most famous for their popular global web browser, Firefox will be looking to have smartphone software equally as successful. The OS market is lethally competitive with Android and iOS being the dominating forces, but do newcomers like Mozilla have a shot at making it big?

The Mozilla developer group has confirmed that they are serious about creating this software, attempting to make it even more open sourced than Android. The new OS that everyone is talking about will be called “Boot To Gecko” also known as (B2G). Trak.In has confirmed that B2G will be based on Gecko code which is reportedly used in their Firefox browser. B2G may also use some Android kernels and drivers to make the OS run on their devices.

Tech Radar has reported that B2G will be a non-proprietary OS, meaning its not tied down to any particular device and can be used across a range of platforms. Mozilla has stated that their goal is to create “a standalone operating system for the open web”. Boot To Gecko will have the advantage of being the first ever purely web based OS, meaning quicker start-up times and minimal storage on the physical device because everything is cloud based.

What is an encouraging sign for B2G is that they have identified the power of Android and are loosely basing their OS it. We mentioned they will be using the kernel and drivers, but whats more is that Mozilla’s software will run across a host of platforms. So you can expect an Android like software with the same customization and slickness but added with unique new features, Electric Pig reports.

The big plan with apps is to have them run across multiple platforms, not being restricted to Android or iOS only, like we see now. The idea is to have the apps run from the web, rather than from certain devices meaning that anyone can use them. It has also been suggested that the basic functions of your device like calling and texting are taken by B2G and used to create web APIs to handle them.

Before we all get too excited about some of these possible features that Boot To Gecko may offer, we should remember it is still in the very early stages. Some of the things mentioned are features that are aimed at being added, but nothing is guaranteed. The most positive thing to take from this is about how open sourced B2G will be. Anyone who knows what they are doing and thinks they can improve the OS, can by all means help Mozilla and chip in with its development.