Social Appeal: Mark Zuckerberg Tops Media Personality Contest

Many of the founders and CEOs of today’s big companies are amongst the top media personalities, as this year’s top 100 list will show you. The swift uprising of social networking and media has propelled the world’s leaders in that field up to the top. As a result, Mark Zuckerberg has been voted number 1 at the top of a media personality list, compiled by The Guardian.

The Facebook co-founder and chief executive has rose to fame and extreme wealth in the last 2 years in particular, thanks to his outstandingly popular social networking website. The word “Facebook” is one that probably every man, woman and capable child has heard of and knows. Mark Zuckerberg himself has been portrayed in an Oscar winning film, namely “The Social Network”, which tells the general story of how Facebook came to be. I believe the film gave more attention to him as a person, whether he liked it or not.

According to The Enquirer, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is expected to earn $4 billion of revenue in 2011, the founder himself has a personal worth of $13.5 billion at just the age of 27. The company is also expected to be worth $100 billion once they go public with an IPO in 2012. Zuckerberg has outshone a number of big bosses in the media personality contest, none other than Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch. It is still the social guys that are at the peak of media popularity mountain though.

The runner up in the media personality list is the Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. Again notice that it is the creator of a large social networking site that is amongst the most recognized men of today. Twitter like Facebook is used by millions of people around the world who want to stay connected, but has the ability to let you get really close to your idols. For example follow a celebrity and tweet a message to them, you may just get a personal response. If you are a big fan of Lady Gaga or Rihanna, both of whom are regular Twitter users, we recommend you check our social popularity battle between them. Comparing them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it was close.

Behind Jack Dorsey in the list is Larry Page, the co-founder and CEO of Google, see the consistent trend? Page and fellow founder Sergey Brin created the biggest internet site in the world, expanding into arguably the largest company in the world. Amongst things to go with their world famous search engine is also their Android mobile operating system, video sharing site YouTube and newly founded social networking site, Google Plus. That really scratches the surface of how successful those guys really are.

At the top of last year’s list was Mr. Apple himself, Steve Jobs. The father of the iPhone, iPad and iPod still has been a major influence in the media world with his company and innovative products. The veteran inventor recently has been on medical leave, keeping a low profile due to health concerns. However the showman still was able to gather the strength to make it to Apple’s keynotes and unveil products like the iPad 2 and the iCloud. The man is truly dedicated to his job and staff, with a luxury new, UFO like HQ being built for his 466,000 employees. Steve Jobs also has a comic book based on him as well as an official biography on the way.

The last person we will cover is media tycoon Rupert Murdoch who has had the media spotlight all over him as a result of the infamous phone hacking scandal. The CEO of News Corp who owns major TV networks and newspapers is still very big personality in the media, but has slipped down from last year’s position of 4. The 80 year old is still proving he has the character and leadership to take his company forward despite his age, but you cant deny he is the closest thing we will ever have to The Simpsons character Mr Burns. Be sure to visit The Guardian for the full list of top 100. Leave us your thoughts on the founders of social sites becoming the big media personalities of today. Who do you admire the most?

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