Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 9: Project Sektor & Cyrax

We have all been patiently waiting for the last in the series of the Mortal Kombat Legacy episodes with number 9 finally coming, project Sektor and Cyrax. We have seen a couple of images that the director Kevin Tanchoroen baited us with like a carrot on a stick and it really got the hype going, he did also tell us that this final episode would be shown on the big stage of Comic Con.

Let’s just check back on what we know so far about the series and the characters from the popular game that we have seen. Episode one was basically an introduction to the series with Sonya, Jax and Kano appearing along with a mask that looked a lot like the one worn by Kabal.

The second episode was a follow on from the first and it tells the story of how Kano and Jax ended up receiving their cybernetic enhancements. We also saw a brief appearance from Stryker, now many fans along with me are hoping that if there is to be a second series that we see more of him.

Episode three was all about the introduction of Johnny Cage where we also met the devilish, soul-sucking sorcerer Shang Tsung, although his appearance was somewhat brief. Episodes four and five told the story of how Kitana and Mileena became Shao Khan’s loyal daughters and how he deceived them from day one, this also saw appearances from Sindel and Baraka.

Lord Raiden strolled onto our screens for Episode six where he appeared to be in a mental institution and wasn’t being allowed to leave. The episode was all about him trying to find a way to escape the institution so he can carry on with his own mission of being on earth.

In the seventh and eighth episodes we were finally graced with some ninja action as we saw my personal favorite episodes, this involved Sub Zero and Scorpion in a way that nobody would have expected. Although it was gimmicky when they used their powers, it was done in an impressive way and let’s be honest, the costumes were pretty good!

Now we get onto the final episode in the series, episode 9 which of course you can view at the bottom of this article. This episode tells us the story of how Sektor and Cyrax became the dangerous cybernetic organisms that they are in the games. Formerly both were members of the Lin Kuei clan who train the most feared assassins in the world. The episode starts with the subjects in the back of a van talking about the clan and what the intentions of their journey are on. We also catch a glimpse of the iconic symbol of the Mortal Kombat dragon on the floor in the van which you can see a little further above.

The pair are then seen in their ninja suits where they are approached by what seems to be two people and they fight. Then they finish the fight, their opponent’s true form is revealed and they are shown to be two cyborgs, Cyrax rips off one of their heads and throws it at the camera!

They then begin work on the two subjects; if you aren’t too keen on operations then it might be a good time to look away from your screens. When the work is completed, the “Grand Master” says he wants to see them in action where they are shown in a practical setting against a more worthy opponent and he gets his wish. Sektor and Cyrax are faced with “Project Hydro” which is another cyborg. Although it looks a lot like Smoke from the games, we are wondering if this is Cyber Sub Zero as it fights very well. Although succumbs to the numbers before Cyrax performs a Fatalitly on it. The Grand Master then lets out a classic line normally said by Shao Khan of “EXCELLENT.” The intention is to now proceed with the same project throughout the clan.

Now that we have had the final episode, what next? We were hoping there would be an announcement at Comic Con of a further series where we could perhaps get into the actual tournament; remember though that there are still a number of characters from the hit games missing.

Did you enjoy this final episode? Are you hoping for another series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.