iPhone 5 “Assistant” Voice Awareness: Inclusion?

Rumors for Apple’s iPhone 5 are still as rampant as ever and the latest is that its release will be sometime in September/October. We’ve been keeping you up to speed with the latest news be it specs, name changes, carriers, price and of course release date. At this year’s WWDC event which has been and gone, many were left disappointed that the next generation wasn’t shown or even talked about but hey that’s Apple for you!

The latest suggestion today is that the iPhone 5 will include “voice recognition” by the name of “Assistant.” If rumor turns out to have some depth of truth to it, then the new feature could benefit its users with texting and making phone calls just with the sound of one’s voice, along with Apple’s input in sourcing important information from your handset such as your contacts, location of device and so on. This is one feature that iOS lacks and Android already gains with its “Voice Actions” technology. Do you fancy having a conversation with your phone instead of loved ones or friends?

Technology has evolved so much in the past few years, when we look at mobile phones of today, we now have touchscreens, NFC inclusion making it easy to pay for purchases with the use of a phone and even being able to have a two way conversation with somebody else whilst actually seeing them.

According to Cnet via 9to5Mac, the latest announcement comes as a leaked screen-shot that’s been sourced clearly stating the Assistant feature will come from Siri or Nuance technology. If implemented, it will work on the basis that the handset will come already with an onboard device as well as cloud processing allowing the voice control to be maintained.

At the present time with no real solid evidence of what the iPhone 5 will and will not have, its a job to put our hand on our heart and say that voice recognition will be a key feature. In a recent study of some 2,852 American people, 35% were holding out for the iPhone 5 release, whilst 51% will pick up the handset during its first sales year and another 31% of consumers would purchase it before the end of the year.

Give us your thoughts on voice command being implemented on the new iPhone 5? Would you be keen on seeing this or perhaps for you, the inclusion of 4G, better battery or even cheaper price are at the top of your list?

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