How To Source Potential Employees Using Social Media

Starting your own business can be difficult, and one of the hardest parts of the process is finding the right people to employ. In today’s market there are more people than there are jobs, so making sure that you select the best people to help you get your business started is essential. Whilst you could use a service like BeKnown to help you to find your dream employees, that costs you money and you could be much better off doing it yourself through social networks.

Scott Gerber over on Mashable has spoken to entrepreneurs and he has convinced them to part with their knowledge about how you can find the right people to get your business successfully off of the starting blocks. The first tip is to make sure that you choose the right team for your business. Getting the right group of people can really make your business succeed, whilst the wrong team could spell failure for your startup.

Twitter can be used to search for prospective employees. Using hash tags like #startup or #hiring you make it possible for anybody to find your posts. Perhaps make a blog post about your startup and then post it on Twitter using a hash tag so that everybody will be able to see it, rather than just those who are following you. That blog post could contain a contest, where you could offer the winners an interview with you for a potential job. That would let you see what the applicants are capable of, and it could give you a better first impression of them than any CV would.

Another tip is that you could utilize your friends and business contacts in order to hire the best. Ask your friends and contacts using your social networks if they know anybody who would be great for your business. Chances are they know somebody who is more than qualified for your job, and they will be happy to get their friend a job working for your startup.

The best way to get people to work for you comes from Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle. He says that what you want to do is to build yourself a strong brand, and get people to come to you. The best case scenario is that people come to you asking for a job, rather than the other way around. If people are asking to work for you then that saves you searching for employees and it makes them happier employees since they have their dream job working for your company.

For the full list of ways to find employees, check out the article on Mashable. If you have any tips to share, please post them in the comments below.

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