Apple Mac OS X Lion Problems & Issues: Tell Us Yours

Last week saw the much-anticipated release of Apple’s new operating system, Mac OS X Lion, along with the new MacBook Air line for 2011. OS X Lion has been pretty well received and brings over 250 new features to the problem but as is often the case with new products a few teething issues have come to light. We thought we’d detail some of the problems that users seem to be having and we’d like to hear from you about whether you have any concerns about Mac OS X Lion.

Two days ago we told how Mac OS X Lion has already been downloaded more than one million times and that was just in the 24 hours from release which is pretty phenomenal. We also mentioned at the time that many users who had already downloaded OS X Lion have noted issues with Adobe products and how Adobe has stated that those who choose to upgrade to the new operating system may hit problems. Now an article by Darren Murph over on Engadget gives some more information about other problems noted so far.

These problems have been reported on forums such as Apple Forums 1 & also 2, and Sound on Sound and also an article on Cnet and will give you some idea of just some of the concerns facing users of Lion. It has to be said that whenever a major new OS is launched there will usually be a few glitches to iron out and this time round some of the main complaints are lack of Rosetta support, not being able to use third-party NAS support for Time Machine and complications with dragging application installs to the Applications folder.

Other people are finding it difficult to get their free Mac OS X Lion upgrade with messages such as ‘invalid serial numbers’ and other concerns include the Windows partition not showing up and other issues with Cubase and Pro Tools. It seems these problems are widespread enough to cause Engadget to launch a poll asking what’s busted for users of OS X Lion. Some of the options to choose from include NAS no longer working with Time Machine, not being able to access the free upgrade, Guest accounts crashing, combinations of these and others so check it out at the Engadget link earlier if you want to take part in that poll.

Also over on PCWorld an article by John Cox of NetworkWorld tells how the downloads seem to have been going well on the whole but also notes problems such as issues with Wi-Fi connections, being unable to log in and slow performance of applications. There are some experiences detailed from users having problems and apparently some people are saying they would rather go back to using Snow Leopard. To read much more on this check out the PCWorld link above.

So how about you? We’d like to hear from you if you’ve downloaded Mac OS X Lion and ask did it all go smoothly or not? Are you pleased with the new operating system or have you noticed any of the above problems, or maybe have another concern? Lets us know with your comments.

  • Richard Meyer

    For me the Lion upgrade was as smooth as silk. I did not have a problem with my iMac or MacBook. As nice a Lion is I am still surprised at the bugs in Mail (failing to connect to third party POP accounts) and Safari pales in comparison to Rockmelt which has built in integration with social media and eMail. I am growing sick of Apple telling me how to use my computer: the perfect example of this is Launch Pad. Why the hell would anyone need Launch Pad when you have the dock ? It is plain to see that Apple wants to use touch screens on their Mac’s but I have no intention of doing so.

  • Karen Santos

    The upgrade was great. But now the safari reader function doesn’t work as well. I usually have the font size maximized by 4 and now every time I open safari reader it doesn’t default to the size I set it to previously.

  • Anonymous

    I have had many problems since downloading OSX Lion. My IMac runs slower, I havegotten leftovers of screens on my display. I have been unable to communicate with my WD External HD where I have my IPhoto pictures. I have to reboot numerous times. I loved my Mac and thought since I always got the newest operating system there would be no problems. The way Lion should work is great, yet it isn’t doing that and Apple has failed me I am sorry please give me back my old Mac with snow leoparrd until you fix the bugs. Also my time machine is slow.
    Tony from Huntington Beach, California

  • David Dickinson

    My upgrade was pretty smooth bar two issues:

    VMWare Fusion (2) no longer works but that’s not a biggie, I knew it would eventually need an upgrade to a 64bit version to get the best from it, as it is I don’t use it enough to bother with buying a new version.

    My SUDOers file seems to have been corrupted some how – or the permissions on it at least. This required Disk Utility to repair permissions which identified a number of other files but this has now been resolved.

    Lion is a very nice upgrade and worth the money, time and a couple of little niggles.

  • Blu Pattaya

    Lion took 2 hours to DL (8meg internet) and 3 hours just to install on my 2010 macbook 15″ – had me worried, it said it would only take 33 mins.
    I had nasty Graphics glitches and large blobs of pixels stuck on the screen with mission control and desk tops. I fixed this by going through all the available desk top backgrounds, the one called SOLID COLOUR sorts the problem out.

    Macbook will NOT SLEEP anymore. ive tried everything, the CPU doesn’t stop when i shut the lid or click sleep, the only way i can get the cpu to go off is to Shutdown the mac.
    Fixes that were unsuccessful for me: (turning off internet sharing, updating or turning off little snitch)

    Mission control is Gimmicky and hard to use at first
    YOU CAN NO LONGER SIMPLY DRAG WINDOWS DIRECT FROM ANY DESK TOP TO ANY ANOTHER like you could with spaces! (there is a way to do it but you have to select that desktop first, if you want to shuffle several docs from desktop to desktop its now a long winded affair)

    1 Huge improvement in my opinion is FINDER !
    Finder now tidies and sorts out all your files! im MY DOCS folder now I can clearly see videos, music, PDF, Images etc etc. WELL DONE APPLE FOR THIS NEW FEATURE.

    LAUNCHPAD is OK I suppose, doubt many people will use it much.

    By the way, with osx Lion you STILL CAN’T swipe, or arrow through photos using PREVIEW. I wish apple would sort this.

    FINDER is the only practical improvement!
    The rest of LION is just a GIMMICKY “face tart up” that has gone backwards in my opinion.
    I might try and use Time Machine to go back to 10.6
    ARE APPLE GOING TO REFUND MY $29.99 If I go back?

  • Niels Huisman

    My biggest issue so far is that my ’09 Macbook Pro is no longer able to display the screen on a tv through an HDMI cable.

    Secondly, Lion appears to slow down the machine.

    And thirdly, I’m still not used to the whole ‘save as’ idea. Let me put it this way. I might be old fashioned, but I don’t like the idea of having to duplicate all my documents when I want to save a different version of it.

    All in all the jury is still out whether I’m gonna stick to Lion. The only reason I haven’t changed back yet is because I trust Lion to have a number of improvements that I just don’t see as a user. Such as security and compatibility. If I don’t find out soon… it’s back to Snow Leopard for me…

  • John Ahrens

    First – It doesn’t run Power PC programs, making many of my old games and other programs useless.

    Second – Gestures doesn’t work for the browsers or swiping between applications, or for bringing up Mission Control.

    Third – It does not stay connected to my wireless internet network. I frequently have to restart computer in order for it to find the AirPort.

    Running on a Macbook with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

    I want to uninstall it and get my money back until they fix these bugs.

  • Martin Lauritsen

    Since I installed Lion I am no longer able to use AirTunes with my AirPort Express. iTunes finds the device, but can’t seem to connect (I get error -15006, whatever that means). My iPhone connects to my AirPort Express just fine.

  • Fernando Hartwig I.


  • Anonymous

    Definitely problems with WiFi connects….constantly having to reconnect to the internet…a real pain…

  • Anonymous

    WiFi definitely a real issue and a real pain. Have to constantly re log on to the internet.

  • Ivanna Rosendal

    WiFi is available, but it the browsers suddenly loose connection to it, it seems. Really annoying when streaming a movie! And the problem is not my router, that I checked.

  • Ken Martin

    I took the upgrade route installing Lion over Snow Leopard 10.6.8 Combo. Bad mistake! An on boot random-with-each-boot-shifting-icon-and-shortcuts-on desktop problem, minor with Snow Leopard, was much worse in Lion. Also, boot time was much longer, and Safari was sluggish.

    It was clean install time.

    I did this the “hard” way (internal HD erase triggered by my Mac’s original installation disk, followed by another Lion download and install).

    Problems solved. Lion now top notch – so far.

    An aside. I was afraid to use Lion’s Command-R-on-boot recovery system. I was uncertain which menu item to use in Disk Utility to ensure a clean install, where a precursor was erasing my Mac’s HD. I thought it might be “Reinstall Mac OS X” (set up and install a new copy of Lion), but played it safe. Apple article HT4718 provided most info, but nowhere mentioned “clean install.”

    A hairy experience, but also a learning one!

  • Ken Martin

    Hope below helps those installing Lion.

    Cheers, all


  • Ken Martin

    Whoops! Safari will not open links to some websites etc

  • Ken Martin

    Safari is crook on my Mac Book, but as it is also not the best on my iPad, I take it that Safari, rather than Lion OS/iOS, is the problem. Sites I could not open, or took an inordinate time to open in Safari, were ok when accessed in a google browser.

  • Naser Al Ghaferi

    my biggest problem is that the safari keep hanging when i play youtube for any forum or mail,

    the only way to correct it by shutting down the system ( am using the latest i mac ) I7

  • Steve Adams

    iMac running like a dog since Lion install. Cannot connect to my external back up drive, cursors missing, takes forever to wake up from sleep mode, some apps running slow, mission control keeps launching itself and getting in the way, having trouble moving files around the desktop. Just wish I’d waited a few months until the glitches were ironed out..Doh!!!!!

  • Brandon Abbott

    Lion is terribly slow all around on my 2 MacBook pros. Safari is almost unusable, it crashes constantly. Networking between Windows 7 and Lion does not work correctly any more and it was fine in Snow Leopard. I can see the Windows machines from Lion but I can no longer see either Lion machine in Windows 7. During my upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion on 1 MacBook Pro the drive was corrupt and I had to do a complete format and reinstall from scratch, Thankfully I had everything backed up. On the second machine my mail was not able to be imported correctly and it took me days to fix it again from my backups. Overall I think that Lion was released way to early as there are to many problems overall with it. It uses alot more resources than Snow Leopard. I have the maximum memory allowable by my mother boards with 1 using 4gb and 1 using 3gb and they both feel slow and laggy. I feel like this may be Apples version of Windows Vista. I hope I am wrong and some updates come very soon to correct some of these issues. Many things I have read says to do a clean Lion install but You can only do an upgrade install from OS 10.6.8 unless you can figure out how to make a bootable version of Lion. This is just poor customer support from a company like Apple. If you are looking to Upgrade to LIon I would wait for some issues to be ironed out first.

  • Aleksandr Teras

    I have found a major bug in Lion OS, which bothers me more and more every day.
    When you drag a new music file from Spotlight to iTunes, the music file gets moved to Trash from its original location.
    If iTunes doesn’t copy the file to iTunes media folder, the file path in iTunes is shown as: …../.Trash…
    If you empty the Trash bin, you will lose your media file…
    I hope, that the downgrade to Snow Leopard will fix the problem.

  • Ian Dack

    If I close a window and then reopen it, just in the Finder, it will invariably open in a different place with all the icons rearranged and any background image removed. Attributes such as sort by name etc. are all wiped out as well. This is making it impossible to keep my Mac tidy as I like to have certain windows open in certain places on the screen. The 10.7.1 update did not help. I’ve also got the font bug in Safari where certain fonts appear as boxed A’s. My solution – use Chrome.

  • Ya_seriously

    my major gripe is that it 10.7.1 no longer allows me to connect to my link station NAS where both my iPad and macbook connect to if effortlessly..locked out of my data is annoying.

    • becky

      mine has done the same. Frustrating as hell….

  • Mlroda

    I am thoroughly unimpressed with Lion. I have contacted Apple and was told to re install the program and that should fix all my issues. REALLY! This program is full of bugs and lacks the seamless upgrade of Leopard. I have a new iMac with 4GB of ram on the desktop and can’t run mail and Safari and the same time without having time to go out and get coffee. iPhoto locks and crashes, Mail won’t download attachments. Exports and imports of files is awe inspiring in the amount of time that it takes. The program is a great deal of trouble for the “oh goody” I can swipe my fingers across my mouse option. My computer is a tool not a toy and the work loss is seriously making be rethink a PC.

  • Langis

    Ever since I updated my iMac on OS X Lion to 10.7.2, my iMac keeps freezing and I have to reboot, since this happens within a minute of a fresh boot, my iMac is now totally useless….

  • Sgustaf08

    since installing OS X Lion, I am not unable to play pogo hearts online

  • Wbatosit

    I have had any mac for 6 months. I only get sound every other time I start up and only get the speakers if I restart. Also it doesn’t register any usb memory sticks unless i restart. Someone told me to get a mac they were Sooooooo efficient. They are rubbish, bring back windows. The apple helpline wanted  author £120 just to talk to mat and extend my warrantee, help !! I’m join mad with this machine

  • new applet

    Yes, I have had my Mac for a week now and it’s my first mac, nothing but problems and Apple says I need to re-load the program (this came installed with the new computer!!!) and so I finally got online, albeit not “inside” of my operating system, but here I am at least.  After reading absoletly nothing but 100% negative comments on the Apple website and people pining for Snow Leopard, I do not want to bother reinstalling my system right now.  I am a newbie to Apple and without ever having seen Snow Leopard, that’s what I want too.  I will wait and see what happens next … if I can keep getting online, that is!