Facebook To Launch Killer New Game About Showtime’s Dexter

For all Facebook users out there who are also fans of Showtime’s Dexter and like to kill spare time, you are in for a treat. A whole social game based on Dexter is coming to Facebook soon, being launched at the same time as the 6th season premiere. It will allow you to play as the serial killer killer, embarking on various missions and dealing with Miami’s worst murderers.

The Dexter game which is titled “Slice Of Life”, taken from the slogan on his personal yacht, is developed by Ecko Code. Mashable reports that the game will actually be linked to the running of the new TV series, with updates to the game being rolled out after the end of each new episode. Dexter is one of the most popular shows that CBS airs, so it should be a very successful addition to the site.

Showtime who are the producers of the show, released a trailer for both the 6th season and the Facebook game, which is embedded below. The new series of Dexter begins on October 2nd according to the official trailer, however conflicting reports suggest the Facebook game will launch in September alongside the premiere of the first episode. The trailers for both game and season were first shown at 2011’s Comic-Con event, so expect a large response.

For those of you who are not familiar with Dexter, he is a normal respected guy by day, but has a dark side which he must satisfy by night. He does this by murdering serial killers, following a strict code so that he leaves no trace and is never caught. He works as a blood splatter analyst for the Metro Miami homicide department, which helps him gain information about criminals that he selects as his victims. Dexter uses his yacht “Slice Of Life” to dispose of his victim’s severed bodies in trash bags, which he throws overboard.

In the screenshot of the game above, the “dark passenger” refers to Dexter’s desire to kill. You can work with your friends to help figure out the story lines and characters. The shows content and game play will regularly intertwine meaning that watching the episodes of Dexter is beneficial in succeeding in the Facebook game. Facebook regularly introduce new games and features to the site like these to keep users interested. The rapidly growing success of Google Plus may be a cause for concern. Will you give the Dexter game on Facebook a try? Let us know if you like the look of it by leaving a comment.