Oslo Norway Attacks News: Video & Photos Via Social Media

Something we have noticed increasingly is the use and immediacy of social media in times of crisis. Recently we’ve seen examples of the likes of Twitter and Facebook being used in political uprisings to rally the people and also following natural disasters such as tornadoes. Today has seen awful events unfolding in Norway with twin attacks shaking the people there, firstly a bomb blast in Oslo, followed by a shooting attack at a Labour Party camp youth meeting on the island of Utoya just outside the capital.

As we’ve seen so often lately, although social media sites can be entertaining, they now often come into their own at times when people really need to pull together and Oslo is just such a case. It was late afternoon local time when the enormous car bomb blast went off today in Oslo causing widespread devastation and destruction. An article by Christina Warren over on Mashable informs how the people in the vicinity immediately began to use Twitter and YouTube to share information and show the world what had occurred.

A video on YouTube shows the aftermath of the vehicle bomb attack near government buildings and the prime minister’s office. You can see that video below this story. Many people also began posting photos of the scene on Twitter and if you check out the full article at the Mashable link above you can see a selection showing the chaos and confusion of people. The Mashable report detailed how one person had died but sadly since the news broke the death tolls have risen. Sky News presently tells how at least 7 people were killed as a consequence of the bombing in Oslo and that so far up to 30 people are reported killed on the island where the shootings took place but there are fears these numbers could rise. Dozens have also been reported as injured.

Another article on Mashable, this time by Christina Warren, reports how Google+, the new social network, has also played a role in informing people of what was going on in Oslo. In fact Warren says, “it was easier at first to find news about it on Google+ than Google itself.” You can read more about how people are using Google+ as a tool for news at the Mashable link above.

It seems to us though, that when a brand new social network already has a part to play in informing the world about breaking news, it just serves to remind us of the effectiveness of social media. What are your thoughts on the Oslo attacks and the way people have turned to social media to unite and share what’s happening? Let us know with your comments.