Mac OS X Lion Roars Past 1M Downloads- Adobe Users In Chaos

As we mentioned 2 days back, Mac OS X Lion is now available to download and the reception to its launch has been remarkable. Apple’s latest Mac operating system is unique in the fact that it is not sold on a disc, instead exclusively through the Mac App Store and via a USB stick coming soon. Within the first 24 hours of release, OS X Lion was downloaded over 1 million times.

Christina Warren over on Mashable, writes that OS X Lion is the fastest selling version of software Apple has ever had. There was a possibility that Apple could of lost out on sales because of the retirement of discs, but it does not look the case. The tech titan announced the availability of OS X Lion at the same time as they announced their record breaking 3rd quarter earnings report.

We understand that there is in fact an alternative method to download OS X Lion, via a pricey USB stick as we mentioned. The stick reportedly costs $69 opposed to the download price of $29.99, the size of the OS download on the USB stick is quite chunky at 4GB. So why would you want to pay an extra $40 for the same download which you could have got directly to your PC? Well it is aimed at those who have slow internet connections and also have data restrictions, so in the end it could actually save the user money. It arrives in August.

Cnet UK reports that Apple will also give you a helping hand if you have no internet connection at all, but want OS X Lion. What you have to do is go to one of their stores with your Mac and you can feed off their broadband connection to download Lion. If you are planning on getting Lion and use many of Adobe’s programs then beware. Many users who have downloaded Lion are reporting that they are having problems with many of their Adobe products, ZDNet reports

Adobe themselves have released a statement warning users that upgrading to OS X Lion 10.7 may cause problems. The California based company announced there were some general problems with non-specific Adobe products, such as the Java runtime needing to be manually re-installed. A variety of other Adobe products reportedly keep crashing and are failing to function properly.

Adobe also stated that Lion’s new feature “Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps”, is not currently supported by the company, but they will be working to add functionality to this in future products. Adobe and Apple have never really seen eye to eye, especially as Apple do not allow the Flash platform on iOS. What are your initial thoughts on OS X Lion? Are you having any problems with Adobe products since you have downloaded it? If so, let us know what the issues are by leaving a comment.

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