The Amazing Spiderman Trailer Takes YouTube by Storm

YouTube is a wonderful thing, it’s used by many in lots of different ways where people express themselves and add clips that they think other people may want to see. It’s a place where you can watch comical clips such as the latest Epic Meal Time video featuring FPS Russia and it’s also a place where you can see video trailers. The latest one is “The Amazing Spiderman” trailer that is taking YouTube by storm.

The trailer was officially announced at Comic Con which is a massive event that has only recently started. The event has a number of different things happening for both the movie and gaming world which is sure to get people interested. One of the big things that we are waiting for is the final episode in the Mortal Kombat Legacy series, episode 9 featuring Sektor and Cyrax!

We recently added an article with regards to Comic Con where we have links to their official free iPhone app which has all the room locations. It also includes the schedule for the next few days which is especially useful if you are actually attending the event. With it being Comic Con it wouldn’t be complete without our favorite super heroes joining the action would it?

Already there’s been an official trailer for the new Batman Dark Knight Rises film and now we have the new Spiderman trailer which as always you can view at the bottom of the article. One of the things we have been left wondering is just why this is happening. It hasn’t been that long since the series of Spiderman movies, did this really need to be done?

None the less there’s a new trailer and a lot of people are viewing it and wanting to watch it. The clip looks pretty impressive with many people likening certain parts of the trailer to the game Mirror’s Edge. You can check out the new cast members and also the intended villains such as The Lizard which Dr. Curt Connors mutates into and the Proto-Goblin (Nels Van Adder) over on Wikipedia on this link.

The new film carries the release date of July 3rd 2012 and we are sure to see more teaser trailers between now and then. We feel that this is going to be one of those films that you either love or hate as it has a change of cast and director, people won’t get the same as they did in the previous Spiderman movies.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited about there being a new Spiderman film? Let us know in the comments section below.

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