Social Media Events Around The Globe: Listing For 2011

The use of social media is on the up and with many new and existing websites to choose from, its a job to know where to start. When we say websites we can narrow it down to popular names such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course the newest addition Google+ and its these very sites that individuals and businesses are now joining.

In the past we’ve given you different examples of people who are seeing the benefits from social media including, the police force, hospitals, charities, banks, sporting brands and so on. To get the best out of using social media, Mashable have kindly put together some of this year’s forthcoming events which will mainly be dotted around the States and in London UK.

Without listing all fifteen social media and web events, we’ve whittled it down to just five to give you a taster of what to expect. First off is the digital marketing event for the Life Sciences Industry “ePharma Summit West.” This will be held in San Francisco between July 27-29 and in order to register, a promotional code of XP1656MASH can be used if you’re a mashable reader, which in total will save you 10%.

Next up is that of the “TX: The eduWeb” conference being held in San Antonio between the dates August 1-3rd. Again by registering as a mashable reader and using promotional code 11MASH you will be able to save up to $50. As an attendee of this event, you can expect to find out more on topics such as mobile apps, web site analytics, web development, branding and so on.

Our third is that of the “Social Media Optimization Summit” event being held in Renaissance Glendale, Phoenix between September 12-13th. Register at and use code Mashable to save up to $100. Topics of discussion as Mashable pointed out will include, giving useful information for those in small to medium sized organisations. The emphasis will be on using social media and how to put it to good use to get the best results. Whereas the majority of listed events will be mainly from those in the know talking, this event will allow you to get more hands-on with attendance from a two-day workshop, from what is classed as an intermediate to a more advanced level.

Moving to the other side of the globe now and an event being held in London UK from September 21-22nd. “ad-tech London” will be free to those who attend and its sole emphasis is to attract professional like-minded people, to sample up-to-date interactive media and the latest advertising and marketing trends. As well as this, there will be over 100 guest speakers on behalf of digital innovators and marketers. For more details on this head here.

Our last is that of the September 29-1 October event being held in Atlanta GA. This event is solely instrumental within the pet industry. Attendees will learn how social media and marketing strategies will aid branding, networking, how to take snapshots of your pet and post them online, how to design your own blog and get it going, mobile apps, pet food marketing, online forums and so on. To receive a 25% discount use promotional code MASH2011.

As we said before events will be running from July 27th right through to the end of November. Click here to find the full listing and let us know which one(s) you are interested in? Tell us if social media has helped your business or the organization in which you work?