Notion Ink Adam 2: Intended For December Revelation

Tablet PCs are one of the most fashionable technology mobile devices that you can get at the moment. They are pretty much a combination of smartphones and laptops and have tried to take the good points from both to make a new device. We are now hearing of a new one and it’s the Notion Ink Adam 2 which is intended for a December revelation.

Apple has changed the way we think of tablet PCs, if you think back, tablet PCs aren’t a new concept. They have been around for quite a long time but they never really caught on as people saw themselves better equipped with a laptop. Now that Apple has entered and revolutionized the market the other manufacturers have followed their lead and now it seems to be a very profitable one.

Casting your minds back to CES 2011 when the world met the original Notion Ink Adam tablet PC which at the time looked to be a real contender. Unfortunately the Motorola Xoom started grabbing the headlines with their massive advertising campaigns and then the Apple iPad 2 came along. The delays that the Ink Adam saw certainly didn’t help their cause either.

Still it was seemingly a decent device even if the build quality wasn’t to the standard of the other tablets around, hopefully they have learned a lesson that they can implement into their latest device. We first learned of the Notion Ink Adam 2 through an article over on by Roland Hutchinson who points out that the previous device had an NVIDIA processor which makes you wonder what will be in the next device.

The rumor mill will have started already about the potential inclusion of the much talked about Project Kal-El and if it is included then this new Ink Adam could be a quad-core device. It’s difficult to imagine at this point as the tablet world has only just really caught up to dual-core processing but it’s definitely the next step for these slates.

There’s an interesting article over on where their author has similar opinions to us on this and the comments on it are interesting. One of them mentions that the makers behind the original Ink Adam should concentrate on delivering what they said they would with the first model, rather than talking about a new one already. They go on to say that the only reason the Notion Ink Adam is even usable is because of the ROM community who have managed to get the most out of the device.

What do you guys think? Will we see the Notion Ink Adam 2 in December? Let us know your thoughts on both the original and the thought of a new updated version in the comments section below.