Epic Meal Time – Russian Meal Time Featuring FPS Russia

We all at OSM enjoy watching the latest YouTube viral videos and love the ones that shock us, make us say “OUCH” and the others that make us laugh. Some of the videos that always make us laugh are the Epic Meal Time clips, now they have a new one titled “Russian Meal Time” featuring FPS Russia.

For those who are unaware, FPS Russia has his own YouTube channel where he gets millions of hits himself. He hires guns and then shows clips of himself shooting them to demonstrate the power, accuracy and the overall gun itself. His Russian accent coupled with humor and accurate shooting makes his videos a must see so if you haven’t seen any of them before click here.

We have also reported a few times on the antics that get produced by the guys at Epic Meal Time who are becoming more and more well known throughout the web. The most recent Epic Meal Time videos that we have reported on include the Fast Food Meatloaf, Masta Pasta, Epic Hors D’Oeuvres and the 84 Egg Sandwich all of which are YouTube viral videos.

What happens when you combine the two? Well, you get lots of food and guns! They start the video with Dmitri making the fast food order and then they throw up the title of the clip with “Bacon and Bullets Collabo” beneath it. This clip had us in stitches especially when one of the guys is peeling potatoes only to pick up a grenade… “Nooo, that’s not a potato that’s a grenade” as if nobody would ever know, brilliant.

The meat tenderizing was pretty funny too, it starts off the normal way using the mallet, Muscles Glasses steps in and continues with his fists only for Dmitri to start beating the meat with a hand gun. We are even treated to a bit of gun shooting half way through the video. We really enjoy it when two YouTube sensations get together and produce something like this; it makes both of them a bit different as they normally have contrasting styles.

Towards the end of the video we see something that is really unusual and something I personally would never even have imagined… a fast food bayonet kebab. As always you can watch the video at the bottom of the article but we want to warn you that some of the language that isn’t bleeped out is pretty strong.

What do you think of FPS Russia and Epic Meal Time teaming up? Was this the best Epic Meal Time video ever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.