iPhone 5 Release End of September at Latest: Almost Certain

We’ve been bringing you news about the Apple iPhone 5 for a long time now and as a release approaches, as usual more and more speculation arises. We recently told about rumors of a mid-August release as well as the fact that the new iPhone could also appear this time around on Sprint and T-Mobile. News today seems to back up the release rumors and it’s looking like it will be by the end of September at the latest.

During Apple’s quarterly conference call yesterday, a reference was made by Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, Peter Oppenheimer, to a “future product transition” during this current September quarter and it now seems pretty certain that this means the release of the iPhone 5, according to a report on Apple Insider. The September quarter is usually a strong quarter for Apple as traditionally it has followed an iPhone release around June but the forecast this time was for a 12% loss in revenue. When Katie Huberty, a Morgan Stanley analyst, queried this, Oppenheimer said there was a busy fall ahead with iOS 5 and iCloud and this ‘future product transition’ which he then said, “we will not talk about today,” although it would have a significant impact.

It seems then that the growing rumors of a mid-August iPhone release could well be accurate and at least looks likely at any time in the three months leading up to the end of September. Although those mid-August release reports have grown, others hold on to the belief that the iPhone 5 launch may be at an annual Apple media event that usually takes place in the first half of September. Meanwhile Rue Liu on SlashGear referring to this “future transition product,” points out that if it is not for the iPhone 5 it could alternatively be for the iPad 3 or iPad HD also rumored to be appearing in the fall with a likely Retina display, which we spoke about yesterday.

It seems then that the next few weeks could see the arrival of the triad of smartphones that we have written about the most over the last few months, the Samsung Galaxy S2, rumored for US release in August, the Motorola Droid Bionic, also rumored for an August launch and now the iPhone 5, so exciting times are ahead. What are your thoughts on this latest release news for the iPhone 5? Let us know with your comments.